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Even… church is closed

Today is Sunday,

usually on Sunday,

I go to church,

I have,

for the last four years.

I miss Sunday service,

only when I have no choice,


I am sick, mom is sick,

never because,

I don’t feel like it,

I’m too tired,

the thing is-

I love going to church.

I love meeting,

with my faith community,

I love the hymns, the prayers,

the creeds, the peace,

I love having tea, or coffee,

and cookies, bagels, fruits, sandwiches,

I don’t care which,

I like the camaraderie,

the catching up,

I love the fact,

that we care,

about each other,

about our community,

about the world.

I can pray on my own,

I can read my bible,

I can do morning prayer,

and I do,

but, being part of a community,

is an important part.

of being a Christian,

as humans,

we need contact,


I watched a service,

live streamed from Washington DC,

it was lovely.

I just listened to,

Choral Evensong,

from Christ Church Cathedral,

right downtown,

here in my beautiful ugly.

I visit the cathedral,


In the next little while,

we need to protect,

our loved ones,

protect the vulnerable,

so church,

even… church.

is closed,

we will experiment,

find new ways to reach out,

call people, text people,

use zoom and any and all tools,

at our disposal.

Be kind to each, pray for each other,

and follow all the advice of public health officials,

these are dangerous times my friends,

lets help each other through it.

Be well, dear ones.

Later, girls,


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