Hello girls,
I hope you are enjoying your Summer,
as much as I am.
Sure, there have been,
ups and downs this Summer,
I have been out and enjoying,
Making new friends,
tightening the bonds of old,
spending quality time,
with my mom,
with my Bff,
my love.

I still need to spend some time,
with close friends,
renew with long lost ones.
Lots of positives.
The negatives are much less,
I will find another job,
I will eventually feel,
less anger about,
being treated in such a cavalier way,
by people I used to call,
Not quite there yet, lots of anger,
but, anger is healthy,
as long as you know what it is,
and, not let it consume you. 
Rage, work through it, move on,
I am passed rage but, still working through,
not quite at moving on phase, I'll get there, soon

I've had fun,
seen lots of interesting events,
lots of sun,
and baring of legs,
shorts, baby, shorts:-)
I have been very good about,
my cardio and feeding,

By the time Fall rolls in,
I will have to find a new job,
look to new challenges.
But, it's only August
I put my Resume together,
this morning,
first step in finding a job,
to pay bills.

I feel better now,
about looking for a job,
than I did in 2013,
after I closed the bookstore,
I am healthier and stronger,
feel so much more confidence,
in my abilities,
in my experience.
I know who I am,
I know where I've been,
the future isn't scary,
it's just the future.

Chin up, put on your boots,
and walk into it,
that's my plan

But, for now,
I will enjoy,
the balmy, sunny days,
of August

Be well you all,
Later girls,

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