It’s going to be,

a beautiful day,

the light,

the blue sky,

all tell me,

beautiful day.

I’ve been busy and,

a little preoccupied,

these last few days,

I apologise,

for being a little,


a little,



I know you girls,


So, what’s up?

What am I up to?

Not much,



an exhausting activity,

if ever,

there was one:-)

I want to take a break,

from deep thoughts,



and talk to you,

about butch clothes,

and what,

they say,


said butch.

I am a sporty butch,

in my attire,

in most other things,

I’m bookish.

Never been a jock,

and I don’t suppose,

I will discover,


at my age,


you never know,

or as my ex,

would say,

it could happen:-)

So, clothes,

I like clothes,

I am very particular,

you wouldn’t know it,

unless you were,

very observant,

they seem very casual,

and barely,



they can vary from.

citified lumberjack,

or courreur des bois,

which sounds,

so much better,

and is basically,

the same.

Let’s face it, things often, sound better in French, Spanish or Italian, beautiful languages, full of lush and love and desire, but, English is my written language, and I love it so…

they can be,


sartorially challenged,





hole laden,


for a few years, I wore this old navy blue shaker knit, one of the seams had come apart in the back it made for a gaping whole in the back, for whatever strange reason, I was attached to that sweater and kept wearing it, it has been a few years, I’ve grown, I threw the sweater out. A good friend started giving me sweaters for both christmas and my birthday, she was obviouslty trying to tell me something:-)

But, mostly,

they are,


I wear loose clothes,

always have,

it used to be,

 a sort of,

hide the curves,


more tough,

and butch,

now it’s more,

a hide the pauch,

kind of,

a thing.


I sometimes think,

I dress like a boy,

or a youngish man,

I never have trouble,

buying clothes,

for my nephews,

my good friend,

the scholarly butch,


“you just buy them, what you would wear”,

I think,


that’s true.

I wear jeans,



I wear henleys,


and baseball caps,





But, there is a statement,

what it is I’m not sure.

I never wear ties,


busy writer says,

“Sure you do, it’s on the inside”,

that is a puzzling statement,

to me,

does she mean,

I’m old fashioned,

and I walk,

in the boots,

of butches gone by,

or does she mean,

I’m a little uptight,

and buttoned down,

beats me,


you know I’m going to,

give this some more,


do clothes,

really make a butch?


Later girls,

enjoy your Sunday,


don’t be like me and take things too seriously:-)


12 Replies to “Do clothes make a butch?”

  1. Do you really mean ‘whole” as in the entire amount or did you mean hole in my sweater?…

  2. I don’t know, BB, tie or no, you sound so casualy dashing or is that, dashingly casual?

    Thing is, I’ve read a couple of comments on here, pushing you towards pink, or pink-adorned, boots. I’m wondering, will you succumb? 🙂

    Hey, you did suggest not taking things too seriously…

  3. No pink, but maybe red? Red is hot…it’s cool,…it’s flashy…it’s the new black or brown if you prefer…:-)

  4. Hmmm…if you have the requisite sag in your jeans–what self respecting butch would be without that?–allowing for just a glimpse of the top of the red boxers, then your audacity will indeed mark a baby step…:-)

  5. Hmmm I might have understood butch a thing from the heart and mind, and the clothing is the packaging, and identification n’est ce pas? Now, a butch with individual flare..? Colours? Red, or Pink. Only a brave butch, willing to be her own butch, not holdin’ to the crowd. Just sayin’

  6. lol, i just happened to come across ur blog, and this page…
    I used to slump and wear baggy/loose clothing for the curve thing too…
    but it’s kinda a dilemma, you see, you sacrifice “being true to yourself” to hide the curves and seem more “manly”… and I really want to wear what I want to wear, stand the way I stand, and show the world who I am and what I was born with… yet, we have to follow a weird conduct. And, why do curves kill the butch? I mean, it’s who we are… lol

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