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DNA investigations and family

My mom and I

Hello all, I hope your year,

has gotten off to a good start.

Mine has been a little rocky,

my mother had a stroke,

we are not really sure when,

but, some of her behaviour was,

a little bit,

off, different, odd,

it alerted me to something,

not being quite right.

I called 911 and they took her to,

the hospital and it was determined,

that she had a small stroke,

in the frontal lobe.

So scary,

there are no physical symptoms,

no paralysis, no pain,

brains don’t have nerve endings,

but there are things going on,

she is a little bit confused,

about certain things,

not much,

but a little bit.

She was very lucky,

we were very lucky.

The doctors and all staff,

at the hospital were great,

they ran the tests,

they took care of mom,

they took charge.

She was in the hospital,

for six days,

she is home,

we are building up,

her strenght,

her health,

we are working,


making her,


the aim is:

full recovery.

I have been praying,


have been praying,

sending love, good vibes, positive thoughts,

people have been generous,

sending messages of love,

concern, support.

In times like these,




that is what gets you through,

luckily we have all three.

I won’t pretend,

I haven’t been scared,

I have been,

but, I believe,

things will get better,

with patience and hard work.

All prayers and thoughts,

very much appreciated.

My mother is my closest,

family member,

my father passed,

over twenty years ago,

and, I have no sibblings,

I have cousins,

wonderful cousins,


I have good friends.

In early December ,

my best friend,

gave me one of those,

ancestry DNA kits,

I was super excited!! I always wanted one!

I got the results back,


Some things are surprising,

less Eastern European blood,

than I expected,

my grandfather on my father’s side was Hungarian

more undetermined Nortwestern European blood,

Scandinavian? Faroe Islands?

it’s very interesting,

romantic even,

my roots,

are profoundly,


and also very Scottish,

explains my love,

of plaid, woolen jumpers,

cabage and potatoes,

my love of beer, whiskey,

tea, oatmeal,

all things oats,

my deep connection with,

fiddles and bagpipes,

mandolines and accordions,

I come from,

working class people,

people of the city,

people who left tough city,

neighbourhoods to come to,

other city neighbourhoods.

I come from faithful,

French Canadian Catholics,

and tough Presbyterians,

I come from devout people,

and people who drank a little too much.

I have found links to relatives,

through my DNA,

good people, strong people, my people.

Ma famille, mes amiEs, mon monde.

So, that is what is going on.

If you have it in you,

please pray for mom’s continued recovery.

Be well, all of you

Later, girls,


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