The weather is back to the way I like it,

 cool and breezy.

Admit it’s been a while since I mentioned the weather.

This summer has been way up there,

 on the learning curve of life.

Funny, you live forty-five years,

 you think you know a thing or two.

Who you are,

what your reactions to things are.

You expected life to send you,

 a fastball right down the middle and into your glove.


 you get a series of curve balls,

some of which hit you in the face.

You question yourself,

your motives,

your vision of life and love.

Your vision of yourself, which you thought was just fine,

is now clouded by a black eye.

Black eyes heal, you just look strange for a while.

Self-conscious and a little bit embarrassed.

But, with embarassement and pain,

comes some clarity,


This has been a year and especially a summer of epiphanies and scares.

The prospect for the fall and into next year,

is better.

I think.

I’m gonna reach for my dreams and get me some love.

I’ve always wanted to write a novel.

I’m working on it,

it’s hard,

I need that,

flex the muscles.

The women are on notice.

I’m back.

I hope.

Later girls


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