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Cryptic Post :-)

These are my boots.


mine are smaller and cleaner,


you get the gist.

I haven’t mentioned them in a while,

I thought you might have missed them:-)

I was cleaning and polishing them tonight,

a weekly ritual,

it reminds me of my dad.


I was thinking,

Taking care of my Boots,

helps me think,

Also doing the dishes,

don’t ask,

I can’t explain it,

one of life’s mysteries,

I guess.

I was thinking ….

I’m not going to tell you what I was thinking,

it’s private:-)

But, …

wish me luck:-)

Later girls


4 replies on “Cryptic Post :-)”

Good luck! Though I sure hope you’re going to tell us why you need it…

Also, I have the same boots, though instead of getting polished, mine are regularly coated in mud. Poor things… If only they knew how well other queers keep their boots, I’m certain they’d leave me.

Do you own only one pair of boots at a time? Like, you get a pair, wear them out then buy another? I can’t begin to imagine wearing one pair of shoes or boots daily.

I mean, I have 2 pairs of dark brown western boots (who could live in TX w/o them?!), 1 pair of really cool purple boots, 2 pairs of black boots–1 western, 1 motorcycle–, and 1 pair off white/tanish boots…thats just my ‘regular’ boots. Of course, I have rain boots, hiking boots, etc. I can’t even big to name my shoes, running athletic shoes, tennis athletic shoes, casual athletic shoes, etc.

Hmmm…as I consider how long it takes me–daily–to decide which shoes or boots or sandals to wear, I think I am a bit jealous of the simplicity of your choice i. e., get up, put on your boots:-)…just not jealous enough to give up my footwear!

“Our life is frittered away by detail…simplify, simplify, simplify…”while I believe in Thoreau’s exhortation theoretically, it seems that you may actually live it. Kudos.

Yep, one pair, but, I am getting the crazy horse brown in suede, and still considering red:-) I have other shoes
it’s just, that since I’ve got my Blundstones, I don’t want to wear anything else, I guess I’m a one pair of boots,
one woman, kind of a butch:-)

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