My hair has been growing.

In a few weeks,

I’ll hit the 3 month mark,

of the great shave.

It’s grown,


and it’s much less silver,

than it was a month ago,

I have been experimenting,

with hair product.

I’ve found this hair cream,

that I really like,

and I’m learning,

how to use it,


It’s a cream pomade,

it’s super easy to use,

just rub a little,

in your hair,

and comb,

my hair is too short,

to be brushed,

I comb it,


This stuff holds,

without showing,

smells really nice,

and accentuates,

my widow’s peak.

I love my widow’s peak,

I didn’t even know,

I had one,

up until,

a few weeks ago.

I do believe,

I’m vain about my hair,


I admit it,

I am.

IGeorge Clooney

I wonder if George is as vain about his hair, as I am? One of my style icons rockin’ a widow’s peak

It has been a Summer of discovery,

hair wise,

style wise.


people had more positive reactions,

to the truly,


the two millimetres,


They accepted it,

maybe I was sick?

maybe I was being selfless?


this I think,

is much more overtly,



experimented with,

consciously and deliberately,


Some people like it,

some see it as an affront,


most importantly,

I like it,

playing with,

and making it mine,

a uniquely me,

element of my butch,


Later girls,


4 Replies to “Consciously and deliberately….”

  1. The best thing is that *you* like it! I love changing up my hair style… well, if you can call it style. 🙂 Right now it’s shaved down super short on the right side and the back and longer on the left. I know, I know, the asymmetrical look is outdated, but I like it! And, it’s hair. It’ll look different soon.

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