Cold January

I took this photograph, I don’t remember where or when

Hello everyone.

Hope you are all surviving,

this cold January.

I know, I am supposed to,

embrace Winter,

be positive about it,


I gotta say,

I dislike Winter,


I have a good coat,

that is warm, comfortable,




as attractive as a parka,

can be,

I have warm boots,

long johns,

wool sweaters,

flannel shirts,


and hats,

and yet,

I still dislike Winter,

and like to spend,

as little time outside,

as possible.

But, that leads to feeling,


so no matter,

if I need to go out,

I still do,

I must,

fresh, albeit, frigid air,

is necessary to my survival.

It is tempting,

to not go out,

I work from home,

Amazon delivers,

pretty much anything,

but, out I must go.

If I don’t go out,

interact with people,

even if it just nodding,

on the street to neighbours,

It affects my mood,

and when my mood,

is affected,

that effects,

my concentration,

and my memory,

and I sure don’t want that,

so I will keep going out,

for my memory,

for my sanity.

I skipped,

the November blues,

it seems like,

January has hit me,

with a vengeance.

Any of you,

finding this Winter,



Let me know.

Hang in there you all.

Later girls,


By Bookish Butch

I am a bookish butch in my mid early fifties. I live in Montréal and always have. I used to run a small used bookstore. Reading keeps me sane. My latest jiggie is photography, book project in the works, living the dream

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