On openess and finding truth

The sky is blue and so am I. OK, more pensive than blue. But, I had to get the weather in there somehow. I have been reading both James Agee and Raymond Carver. Fabulously realistic, sensitive writers. Very male and with a phenomenal ear for how people speak. Also, the insight into the quiet or sometimes… Continue reading On openess and finding truth

Great thursday

This day started hot. I figured it’s going to be hot and a write off. But, no it was fun. Lots of visitors and clients. A great end to the day, lovely dinner in delightful company. Can’t beat that. It’s nice to be appreciated. I hope I haven’t jinxed the rest of the sale. Later girls… Continue reading Great thursday

Busy week ahead

It’s hot. Enough said. This week is the dreaded sidewalk sale on the street where my Bookstore is situated. We have two a year, I hate them, exhausting, much ado about nothing. I imagine I won’t have much time to read or post on the blog. I’m still reading My Life As A Man by… Continue reading Busy week ahead

On the merits of slow

First the weather,  it is perfect.  Clear blue sky, cool breeze. Sleep is once again possible, let’s hope it lasts. Next, hockey season is right around the corner,  I can’t wait. Yeh. I haven’t been reading much lately. Well, actually I haven’t been reading much I can talk about. A friend asked me to read… Continue reading On the merits of slow

Curve ball, shmurveball

The weather is back to the way I like it,  cool and breezy. Admit it’s been a while since I mentioned the weather. This summer has been way up there,  on the learning curve of life. Funny, you live forty-five years,  you think you know a thing or two. Who you are, what your reactions… Continue reading Curve ball, shmurveball


I’m feeling nostalgic I was listening to some songs on You Tube. Funny, Ever listen to a song you haven’t heard for a long time and remember all the words? I was listening to a Mike And The Mechanics song The Living Years. I think all of us who have fathers who have passed can… Continue reading Lucky

Les Amours Imaginaires

On the weekend I went to see a new movie, Les Amours Imaginaires. This movie,  is by La Belle Province’s latest homegrown genius,  Xavier Dolan. He made a movie last year,  that had great critical international success,  J’ais Tué Ma Mere. Les Amours Imaginaires, does not suffer from the sophomore jinx, it is Sublime. A must… Continue reading Les Amours Imaginaires