The Elements of A Style

Last night, I was going through my bookshelf looking for The Elements Of Style by Strunk and White. I bought this book for a College English class years ago. It was obligatory. It is a small book about the elementary rules of usage. Originally written in the early twentieth century,  by an English professor at… Continue reading The Elements of A Style

My love of Kates, a fluff piece.

I love the name Kate and, I love Kates.   Going back pretty far, Kates have captured my imagination. Hepburn, talk about class and feminine strength.  Think Adam’s Rib, The African Queen and most of all The Philadelphia Story, a very old movie which is still funny and witty so many years later.  The first time… Continue reading My love of Kates, a fluff piece.

On Being Butch

This morning, I have been thinking about being butch and what it means. I often experience strange reactions from people, mostly straight women, when I refer to myself as butch. It seems some of them think that I am putting myself down when I describe myself as butch, and try to tell me  “You’re not… Continue reading On Being Butch

What is a bookish butch?

What is a bookish butch?                                                                                                                                                                     I don’t know about others, but this one is a softly masculine woman in her forties who can never seem to get her nose out of a book. Let me start by telling you a little bit about me and the aim of this blog. As, previously stated I can never… Continue reading What is a bookish butch?