Current objects of lust, sartorial lust that is:-)

Well all my birthday, celebrations, are finished, I got a few gift certificates, which will bone up, my Summer wardrobe, you know, t-shirts, socks, maybe a fun shirt, or two, another pair of those, badass, Old Navy jeans, haven’t had a pair, I felt as comfortable, and, yep, I’ll admit it, butch sexy 😛 in… Continue reading Current objects of lust, sartorial lust that is:-)

Suggestions for your butch for Valentine’s

Grey outside, no biggie, the Pope resigned this morning, that’s enough to put, some sun into, my morning 🙂 Yesterday, I was reading, butch wonders post on, awesome butch underthings, read it here- some nice choices, groovin’ on those tie-dye ones:-) Anyway, got me thinking, what would a butch like for Valentine’s? Now, I don’t… Continue reading Suggestions for your butch for Valentine’s


It’s a rainy, drizzly, damp, Saturday morning, here in Montreal, couldn’t think of a, better day, for Plaidurday, if I tried:-) Wear it, smile at someone wearing it, spread the warmth, spread the cheer, nothing says, Fall, like Plaid, and, too me, nothing says, Butch, like Plaid. Have a great Saturday, I’m off to try… Continue reading Plaidurday:-)

Scouting, butch style

It is a glorious sunny, Sunday morning. Cool, not quite crisp, yet, but it’s a comin’:-) I think a walk and a little shop around, are in order, gonna go check out the cords, I’d like a pair of cords, dark beige, British khaki, or maybe grey. Want to take a look, at the new… Continue reading Scouting, butch style