The Letter Q

Hot and hazy, this morning, ah, Summer in the city, eesch. Gets hot in the apartment, don’t want to install, the air conditioner, worried about my sinuses, I think fans, might manage, we’ll see, if it gets Too hot, and, I feel, homicidal tendencies, surface, I’ll just, wheel the sucker out:-) I’m trying to keep, my… Continue reading The Letter Q

An overdue review

It’s a sunny hot morning, here at bookish butch central. A few months ago, I received a book for review, I had intended to ‘publish’ the review in Kissed By Venus, but, alas, KBV is no more, sad but, these things happen. So, I’ve decided to post it here. Info about the author and synopsis:… Continue reading An overdue review


It’s a rainy, slightly, miserable morning, the kind of morning, you wan’t to, pull the blankets, over your head, and, cuddle your…. cat. Alas, this is not to be, I have things to do, people to see, miles to go, before I sleep <wink> I haven’t written much, about books, lately, I’ve been reading, a… Continue reading Legends

War is Hell, from both sides

It’s a little grey, today, but, if yesterday, is any kind of measure, today, will turn into, a magnificent day, let’s hope:-) I know this sounds, silly, but, it feels like Spring, no, really, it does! How the week of, February twentieth, in Montreal, can feel like Spring, I don’t know, but, in matters of… Continue reading War is Hell, from both sides

Wallace Stegner’s The Spectator Bird

“We write to make sense of it all.”    ―      Wallace Stegner Wallace Stegner, was an American writer, 1909-1993. I have just finished, The Spectator Bird, a beautiful novel, about aging, about the choices, we make, about the choices, we don’t make, deceptively simple, full of truths, I’m so glad I read it. From the back blurb:… Continue reading Wallace Stegner’s The Spectator Bird

Alma Rose, a lesson in it’s never too late

Muggy and smoggy day, today, in Montreal. The weekend was remarkably, cool, lots of rain. It was, a weekend, filled, with bliss, three days, that you wish, could be frozen, in time. If I could save time in a bottle…. anyone remember Jim Croce?? I’m happy:-) Today, back to work, really good day, everyone in,… Continue reading Alma Rose, a lesson in it’s never too late

Of Bruins, Coyote and Malamud

Well girls, congratulations, to, The Big Bad Bruins, they won, the Stanley Cup, and, honestly, they kicked ass:-) The better team won. Tim Thomas won, the Conn Smythe, for most valuable player, much deserved. So, my Habs, 1993, edition, are the last, Canadian team, to bring home, Lord Stanley’s trophy. That team, rough and tumble,… Continue reading Of Bruins, Coyote and Malamud

Drag King Dreams

Yesterday, being so bloody, hot, and the, air conditioning, at the bookstore, not really, working, I wasn’t very busy, but, you know, enough. I finished, Leslie Feinberg’s, Drag King Dreams. I was going to, write about it, last night, but, I had to let it, marinate, seep in. Anyone, who has read, this blog, more… Continue reading Drag King Dreams

What’s your favourite book? And Why?

I have spent a good part, of the last two days, reading, Where The Red Fern Grows. I am sure many of you have read it. It’s something of a classic, there are over, eight hundred reviews, on amazon, alone. OK, I’m sort of embarrassed to admit, I had never heard of this book, until… Continue reading What’s your favourite book? And Why?