The ‘work in progress’ is …progressing and some reading thoughts

Winner in the GLBT category Hello you all, rainy day here, in my beautiful ugly. Please don’t think, I’m complaining, I’m not, give me rain over, sticky dank heat, any day. My work in progress, is progressing, more and more notes, adding up, a memory stick full of pictures, hell, I even created a twitter… Continue reading The ‘work in progress’ is …progressing and some reading thoughts

Thoughts of Spring

Hello girls, hope you are all, well, BB is feeling ok, better than ok, this in spite, of major personal, upheavals, and, a cold. I have had an interesting week, first, the delightful podcast, experience, WomenAloud, with the charming and whip smart, Shawn Marie Bryan. Shawn Marie, is everything I like, about Americans, open, giving,… Continue reading Thoughts of Spring

The deep freeze and Holy The Firm

We have been in a deep freeze, here in Montreal, well, all over the province, deep, polar air, positively Siberian. As I was walking home, from work, last night, early evening, wearing my down jacket, layers, that included, long johns, flannel and lambswool, thermal socks, the warmest tuque I have, I thought to myself, imagine, if… Continue reading The deep freeze and Holy The Firm

Maternal wisdom…

Been a slow, beginning of the week, at the bookshop, I’ve managed to finish two books. I’ve started and finished, Utz by Bruce Chatwin, a novel about a collector, of Meissen porcelain, in Czechoslovakia, during the communist reign. An odd, short and engrossing, novel. Chatwin is much more, famous, for his travel and anthropological books,… Continue reading Maternal wisdom…

A book of substance and joy, Persistence

Well, looks like, Fall, is finally here, glad to see it, I’ve missed it, in the sweltering heat, the humid, clingy, heat. I even wore, my tweed cap, yesterday:-) This Summer, has been particularly, difficult on my reading, can’t concentrate in, the sizzling city. Now, if I had escaped, to the sea, or, the lake,… Continue reading A book of substance and joy, Persistence

A Kallmaker to soothe the grumpy butch

It’s been a tough week, seems like there have been, many of those, this Summer, hot and humid, makes for low sales, and, a grumpy, sleep deprived, butch, with wonky concentration. But, I still got my looks and a rockin’ new haircut:-P The kitchen is getting a face lift, new doors, on the cabinets, and, a… Continue reading A Kallmaker to soothe the grumpy butch