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Buzz cut learning curve

Hello all,

hope you are all well.

The heat wave is over,

we can breathe again.

The cool windy weather,

is soothing after,

the oppressive heat,

Canadians, the world’s most,

weather obsessive people.

Our national unifier,

from coast to coast to coast,

more even than,

hockey or beer,

the first thing you say,

to someone,

you meet on the street,

hot, eh? cold enough for ya? maudit qu’il fait froid, chaud, frette,

in French in English,

in the language of your choice,

you live in Canada,

you obsess, bitch, go on about the weather,

it’s our birthright!!

But, I digress.

I’ve had something,

some might think,


on my mind,

these last few days.

On Friday,

our Premier,

here in Quebec,

announced that,

hair salons, barbers, nail salons etc,

would reopen as of June 15 th,

here in Montreal.

Mom is positively giddy,

at the prospect,

she will be calling early in the week,

to book an appointment,

I’m glad for her.

I have mixed feelings.

I like the idea of,


to buzz my hair,

I still have lots to learn,

about doing it perfectly,

but, now that I have,

started down this road,

I think I want to continue,

saving money,

keeping it as short as I want,

feeling free,

getting it perfect.

I like my hairdresser,

she’s a good person.

I’ve known her for,

20 plus years.

I feel a little guilty,

bailing on her,

but, I like my new hair,

I like the savings,

I like doing it,


when I want to,

it makes me feel good,

virtuous even,

I know, it’s weird.

But, I think I’ve become,

one of those butches,

oh well,

why the hell not?

Keep well you all.

Later girls,


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