It’s hot.

Enough said.

This week is the dreaded sidewalk sale on the street where my Bookstore is situated.

We have two a year, I hate them, exhausting, much ado about nothing.

I imagine I won’t have much time to read or post on the blog.

I’m still reading My Life As A Man by Philip Roth.

It’s well written and compelling but, I don’t know, it’s doesn’t really speak to me.

I’m looking forward to the Fall.

I have always loved the fall.

I get nostalgic for a return to school.

The smell of books and newly sharpened pencils.

New corduroy pants, shiny sneakers that you want to smudge so they don’t look,

 too new.

I no longuer wear corduroy pants or sneakers.

Jeans and Blundstones for me but, still,

nice memories.

To me, fall is a time for settling down and getting comfortable.

Long walks in the brisk air.

The wind wiping away the crap from your mind.

I don’t think it will be that kind of fall.

More like upheavals and change.

Change is good.


I’m working on the novel.

I really want to do it.

You all have a good week

Later girls


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