I need your help,

I need to build a better,


The best butch,

the charmingest,

the sexiest,

the jaw dropping-est,

the silver tonguiest,


One look,


two words,


‘she’ thinks,

oh yeah,


‘she’ swoons,

‘be still my heart’



‘thank you Mr Sandman for bringing me my dream’.



dream butch,

the one you,


is she,

the one,

with the,

come hither gleam,

the one,

you bring home to mom,

the one,

who brings you flowers,

the one,

who makes you chicken soup,

the one,

who fixes your car,

the one,

who writes poetry,

the one,

who holds you tight,

the one,

who can cut a rug,

the one,

who loves you ’til,

the earth moves.


she wear,



baseball caps,




cowboy hat.

Does she have,

abs of steel,

does she have,

an ass you crack walnuts on.

Are her hands,





do they tremble,

a little,

when you,

are near.


a sensitive heart,

a good mind,


for a belly,

some gray hair,



being a little passed,

prime time.

Butches think,

they know,

what a lady,



do they?

So I ask you,

my trusty,





is not trying to be a better butch,


as my pal,

Frances pointed out,


Yoda, no less,

‘there is no trying only do or not do’


I’m doing,

I just need help,

building a better,


So, tell me,

what you think,


a better butch,


I will consider it.

Dance lessons?

Creative writting class?

Gym ab building and gut reduction?

training in auto mechanics?


bring it on,

no messing around,

only do or not do:-)

Later girls,


***being tongue and cheek, doesn’t mean not serious***







11 Replies to “Building a better Butch???”

  1. BB, you could be any or all of those things and still not be butch enough for many or too butch for others. When the right one comes along she’ll think you’re perfect just as you are.
    Courtesy goes a very long way I understand.

  2. Hmmm. I can’t really add to what lyondc has said. Dancing is a good ice breaker. So is being able to fix a car, nice biceps, and all of the general, stereotypical things. Those are just attention-getters. What is it that’s for keeps beyond the initial attracting attention?

    Are you asking what is it that women want? Or what is it that women (femme) who are keen to find a (butch) partner want? Should we wonder why you might be asking such a question?

  3. Well actually… I was saying, I’m working on self-improvement and I wondered what you
    girls might think makes a better more perfect butch:-) I guess I didn’t pull off the
    tongue and cheek-ness too well, oh well….:-)

  4. Or I missed it entirely: a cold affect brain cells.

    So… self-improvement. Hmmm. As in not beyond the Oprah way?

    I could arch my eyebrow, and with tongue planted firmly in cheek ask you what it is about your self you think needs improvement, as in be a better person OR, are you looking to be the next best version of your butch self…?

    So…what do you think needs improving? What are you curious to explore?
    Have more energy? Align mind body and soul in order to add to the powerhouse brain you already possess? I guess yoga or pilates and meditation is out, huh? Crossfit? Archery? OOH I know: indoor rock climbing. It is SOO cool. And great fun. Strategic, too. Bowling?

    How about dazzling magic tricks? 😉

  5. I’m very butch in that I can do construction, ride horses, race sled dogs, play rugby, hike up mountains, been in the military, blah blah blah. I can work on cars, the whole spheil.
    What *I* want to improve on is my wardrobe. I dress pretty much the same way every day. Flannel, jeans. Sneakers.
    Recently went out and made a few purchases to look more dapper and butch instead of grunge, LOL… so my butch lover won’t get sick of me wearing the same type thing every day.

  6. I hear ya, my idea of dressing up is black pants-jean cut- and a black shirt, channeling my inner Johnny Cash. But, in the last year or so, I’ve started wearing some nice dress shirts, in colours other than black, blue or plaid and I gotta say, I’m liking it, I get more
    appreciative glances and even a few compliments, I have my ex to thank for that, she gave me her ‘fat’ clothes(she lost a lot of weight), the point is I never would have bought some of those colours and yet, I like ’em. I look more dapper but, I’m still butch:-) I find a nice boot is much more elegant than sneakers, plus makes me taller. I have even been considering a few French cuff shirts and cufflinks ( I wonder what my girl thinks of that:-)) I think it could work. I don’t think I can do a suit and tie, I’m more casual than that:-)
    Thanks for dropping in and hopefully us ‘butches’ can keep working on building a better butch:-)

  7. I appreciate this blog, and your poem/rant on this topic. It’s something I’m also trying to be. I’ve thought about this a lot lately.
    I believe a woman, a lady, a femme -whatever you call a potential mate, when you’re a butch – really wants SECURITY. She wants to know that she can lean on her butch, that she can provide whatever is needed: a home, an income, food on the table, a shoulder, and yes — sometimes an auto mechanic.
    I think dependability is important: are you reliable? Are you a good listener? Can she trust you –without question?
    Also RESPECT. As a butch, you can’t just tell your woman what to do, b/c she has a mind of her own!! And if she’s in a lesbian relationship with you, she is prob a very independent type, and you better be worth it. B/c she may end up taking some crap from other ppl who don’t think it’s right. So make it worth her while.
    Don’t make her wonder: Is this good for me? Remove all doubt by being the best person you can be. And oh yeah, treat her like a QUEEN 24/7.
    We want to stay strong and attractive, so yes, by all means, spend as much time in the gym as possible. (I’m trying to build a better butch, too.) Don’t eat junk!!
    I say: always ask her what she wants. Please her. Make her happy. Be there for her. But be discreet about it. Don’t brag to your friends. It will get back to her, and she won’t like it!
    These are all just good people skills. I believe a good butch is mature, and is always anticipating what her woman wants and needs, and is ready to provide it. And doesn’t complain. And keeps anger and loudness out of disagreements.
    SAFETY. A better butch provides a safe, emotional place for another woman to be. And not just when we’re feeling like it: ALL the time.
    If I can do these things, then I will be a better butch.
    How about you?

  8. Building a better butch, is part of the process of building a better human being,
    we are worth it and so are our ladies:-) Thanks for the comments and contribution and welcome!

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