It’s warm out,



I love windy,

clears my head,

fills my brain and spirit,

with oxygen.

Since I’m sporting my new do,

I don’t even worry,

about messed up,


as for caps flying off,

I just tighten the suckers up.

The wind,

the cooler air,

the slowly waning light,

oh yes,

’tis ‘autumness’ in the air


Anyone who reads,

bookish butch,


Fall is my favourite,

all of it,

the return,

of layers,

of long sleeves,

the smell of apples,

the peace of streets,

as people burrow,



children return to school.

I guess I’m just not,

a Summer butch,

too pale for shorts,


conservative for madras.

Winter is Ok,

I can handle it,

I’m tough,

I’m Canadian, eh??


I am a little chunky,

to rock parkas,


big glasses and tuques,

are an,

odd look.

So in the Fall I come into,

my own,



oxford cloths,


caps of  all origins,

Ah, Fall.

Bright light,

crisp air,

new books,

cuddling under comforters,

cold feet,

longing to be warmed,

I’m a warm blooded butch, an excellent foot warmer<wink>

hockey season,

right around the corner,

although this year we could have a lockout, if that’s the case, I’ll read more books, I’ve been lazy anyway:-)

Autumn to me,

is the sensual season,

the discussion season,

you can still sit out,

and admire,

the sunset,

the stars,

you just need,

to slip on a sweater:-)

My ideas flow better in the Fall,

synapses fire,

more rapidly,

I am better, brighter,

perhaps even,


Bring on the ‘autumness’

BB is ready:-)

Later girls,



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