Hello all,
the sun, has arrived.
Hallelujah :-)

We seem to have been,
in rain,
here in my beautiful ugly.
April rained steady,
May was rough as well.
Even June which can be,
quite hot and hazy.

Last week,
I thought I would lose,
my mind,
and that's why,
I didn't write,
who needs to read,
we all have our battles,
we all occasionally,
feel like we are,
losing it.
Full moon and practically,
a week of rain,
not pretty:
'nough said.

The sun is back,
with a vengeance,
kind of scorching,
these last few days,
but, you know,
I got my  shorts game
oh yeah,
fun in the sun.

I am reading a fabulous book,
almost done,
love it:
Help Thanks Wow: 3 Essential Prayers,
by Anne Lamott,
she never disappoints.
She makes me laugh,
out loud on the subway,
she also makes me cry,
same location,
I like to read on the subway.
This book is a perfect,
carry with you book.
It's funny, touching, 
full of insight,
it's smart not cloying,
or goody goody.
She is a good person,
she is flawed,
she tries, she fails,
she succeeds,
she is weak,
she is strong.

I love her writing,
it makes me think.
It feels like,
I am  'listening' to a,
a smart funny friend,
who has been around,
the block a few times,
knows the lay of the land,
knows that ultimately,
we don't know,
we should keep learning,
and trying.
We should reach for meaning,
keep the faith.

Lamott's book,
made me cry for,
my gone,
but, not forgotten,
beloved cat, Dude,

brought back feelings,
of doubt and the "did I do,
the right thing",
and a few pages later,
reminded me,
that I loved and cherished him,
and did the best I could,
that I tried to avoid him,
and prayed for him,
to go in his sleep,
but, it didn't work out,
that way,
sometimes it doesn't,
that doesn't mean,
we shouldn't,
keep hoping,
for it,
for it,
whatever term you are most comfortable with

Her book,
reiterates, to me,
that it is ok,
to ask for help,
it is also important,
to say,
to our people,
to a greater force,
whoever, whatever,
and that we are,
surrounded by beauty,
and... life.

So get out the sunscreen,
put on those shorts,
no, not those, the nice ones, you only live once:-)
get out there and soak up,
the sunshinny days

be well,
all of you

Later girls,

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