I’m feeling low and hormonal,

hapless and unloved,

woe is me

and whenever I feel this way,

the one thing,

that always brings me out of my funk?

An installment of,

The Elements of Butch Style,

can I have a drum roll, please.

Now, let’s see I’ve done,





Basic black,



baseball caps?



today we discuss,

that age old question,

Boxers or briefs?


I’m a boxer butch.

I like the comfort,

I like the line,


I mean, 

the no line:-)

When I was a young and studly butch,

all those years ago,


I used to wear briefs,

Calvin klein’s,

remember those?

They made me feel,

like I could conquer anything,

and woo,

any and all women.

My Calvins and my 501’s,

oh yeah,

I was dangerous.

Then I settled down,

and although my butt,

didn’t really grow,

my gut,


So I started,

sniffing around,

the boxer section,

at The Gap and all.

I never even considered women’s boxers,

those are for femmes,

who are getting in touch with,

their inner butch.

My butch is both inner and outer,


I explored boxers,

I didn’t really like the regular,

cotton or oxford types,

they bunch under,

my jeans.

But, the cotton jersey,

t-shirt like material,

that I liked.

In the last few years,

I suspect a lot more women,

of every type,

 have been purchasing,


and I suspect they aren’t all,

buying them for their boyfriends.

So, now we have much more,

of the smooth front types.

I hate those sides openings.

You get a rainbow of colours,

and cute affordable styles.

Perhaps, we can attribute this,

to post modernist gender interpretation?

Huhm, food for thought.

I like boxers,

most butches I know,

like boxers.

What do you think?

Which is butchier?

Or sexier?

Ok, Gina Gershon in Bound,

made tighty whitties,

very appealing,


that’s a movie,

in real life?

what do you think?

I’m feeling a little self-conscious with all,

this underwear talk,


Later girls,


8 Replies to “Boxers or Briefs?”

  1. Je viens de finir par me déniaiser et visiter ton blogue. Sincèrement je l’adore. D’autant plus que tu as parfaitement raison à propos des boxers. Si, comme tu me le disais aujourd’hui même, c’est tout du premier jet, alors tu es certainement animé par quelque génie littéraire… que je te jalouse un peu je l’avoue (pour revenir sur une autre de nos récentes discussions). En tout cas, je mets ton site au nombre de mes favoris.

  2. So many different designations for underwear nowadays– it’s confusing, I like the boxer briefs as well, I just always refer to them as, boxers. They really are the best of both comfort and sex appeal, no seams and not too high.

  3. What an intimate topic. Not that I’m complaining. It just makes me blush a bit at such details being bared to the public, as it were.

    Hmm, would I expect that special butch to be wearing boxers if we happened to get to know each other that well? Probably yes. But as you note, there are so many variations on the theme nowadays and even the butchiest boxers could be soft and clingy – the wearer keeping in touch with their femme side (to use your phrasing).

    I’ve always been a bikini briefs girl myself. I’ve tried the others without much success (or comfort). There is one pair of fading Y-front briefs in my drawer, a memento of sorts. I wear them when I need a little extra machismo to pull me through the day.

    Is underwear the first layer or the last?

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