I’m sitting,

at the keyboard,

window wide open,


all I’ve got on,

is boxers and a t-shirt:-)

I write this not,

for the titillation factor,

as if??


to illustrate,

just how warm it is.

It’s warm,

very warm.

This weather and sunshine,

are uncharacteristic,

of March,



was the St-Patrick’s day parade,

Montreal has the third biggest on the continent, only Boston and New York’s are bigger


even a year with drizzle,

or a snowstorm.

(which, btw, is more the norm for St-Paddy’s in Montreal)

a crowd turns up,


this year,

the crowd estimate?

Four hundred thousand!!!

That is,

a helluva lot,

of people,

so glad I didn’t go,

I hate crowds,


slightly intoxicated,


even more.

I went to breakfast,

with a friend,

ran some errands,

did some chores,


then I sat on the balcony,

read the paper,


soaked in some rays:-)

I’m no,

sun worshipper,


my vitamin D,

had been running on,

near empty,

for a while.

It felt good,

to have the sun,

warm my skin,

I felt,


amazing how a little,

warmth and light,

will nullify,

within hours,

a hard week.

Hurray for the sun,

Maybe, I’ll turn into a sun worshipper after all??

Today is much the same,

and I intend to do my chores,

and not much else.


one thing,

last week,

I acquired a bunch of books,

some good solid fiction,

to replenish the shelves,




literary fiction,

from this regular customer,

she brings them in for credit.

Laying at the bottom of her box,

was a lovely copy,


Canterburry Tales,

in a Modern Library edition,

Instant part of my collection:-)


a copy of Virginia Woolf’s,


in such sorry assed shape,

I couldn’t sell it,

for more than,

a quarter.


it occured to me,

I’ve never read Orlando,

haven’t read much  Woolf,


and that seems,

to me,

to be a gap in my reading life.


Orlando it is,


it gives me a chance,

to revive,

The Bottom of The Box,


How can I resist a book,

dedicated to Vita Sackville-West,

if any of you have ever seen,

or read,

A Portrait Of A Marriage,

you’ll know what I mean.


is something of,

a gay classic,

I’ll tell you what I think,



have a great day,

I will.

Later girls,



2 Replies to “Bottom Of The Box, revived:-)”

  1. Good decision on staying home rather than attending the parade. My partner and I participated in the ‘Shamrock Run’ ~ 30,000 of our neighbors out sweating for charity. What a mob scene. AND, it was cold! It has been snowing in Portland Oregon. Grr.

    I read Orlando when I was in my late teens or early twenties and the only thing I remember is that I was terribly distracted when I read it. Might have to give it another try. Canterbury Tales, though, now that’s a fave! My favorite version of it is a side by side translation with the middle English on one page and modern English across from it. My daughter gave that to me for my birthday several years ago (after I threatened to steal the Library’s copy).

    Hope the vitamin D is still shining down on you!

  2. Still lots of sunshine:-) and vitamin D. Odd that it would be colder in Portland, you usually have much nicer weather, no? Pacific Northwest close to our West Coast. The parade, I had no intention of attending, too many people, ran into my ex today, she went and she said they couldn’t see a thing, three rows deep:-)

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