For those of you longing for book talk,

here is my participation,

in book apocalypse at

I hope and pray I don’t have to read,

all of them:-)

It was enjoyable,

Cass is fun and smart,

and always has bitchin’ ideas.

If you have never read her blog,

take the opportunity,


Earnest:  showing depth and sincerity of feeling: earnest words; an earnest entreaty.

The other night,

I was called earnest,

My guard went up,

the old butch armour,


Did it mean,




Someone, you can count on.

A bird dog,

a boy scout.

a best friend type.

Then I looked it up.

Pretty good word,

I like it,

a 19 Th century word,

a gallant and old-fashioned word,

a butch word?


My question about butch,

in a previous post,

sparked interest and creativity,

on the part of a few bloggers and readers,

Keep it coming.

My friend the busy writer,

says Butch should be brave,


I’m butch,

I don’t think I’m brave,


I am earnest and,

I am a work in progress,

so perhaps,


I will grow up to be,


Later girls,


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  1. Hey Amy, I know you are lusting after The Brothers Karamasov. I think we would have fun, talking books and you could teach me about Nigerian Litt and statistics:-)

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