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Blue Monday and such

Good morning all,

I hope all is well with all of you.

My bff mentioned yesterday,

in one of our,

back and forth text conversations,

that it was,

Blue Monday.

I confess, I had no idea what Blue Monday was,

so I asked her,

is it a day to wear blue to the office?

Because if that’s the case I have got a ton of blue days, this butch loves her blue, you all, it is by far, my favourite colour

No, says the bff, it is apparently the saddest day of the year,

hmm, ok, I get it,

it’s Monday, it’s mid January,

post holiday excitement etc etc,

still I don’t get how one day,

becomes the saddest day of the year.

Please don’t think,

I am making light of melancoly,

of sadness,

of , much more seriously,

SAD(seasonal affective disorder)

or of depression,

because I take these things very seriously,

and I think we all need to.

What I find odd is assigning it a day,

and giving it a cutesy hashtaggy sort of name.

It’s smacks of marketing, it smacks of consumerism,

it’s smacks of a way to make a buck,

must be a way because that is foremost in so many minds

Because I think sadness, SAD, depression,


I would add loneliness and lack of belonging,

are epidemic in our societies,

and I don’t think,

cute names, hashtags and designated days,

will fix that,

but, and this is a big BUT..

Maybe it can start to help,

start to sensitize people,

wake people up,

stop judging each other,

start caring about each other,

if you don’t understand something,

does that mean you should judge it?

condemn it?

It does not,

walk a mile in another’s shoes,

it will bring a whole new perspective,

and possibly painful bunions and heel spurs.

The world needs more joy, more community,

more friendship and more love.

What it doesn’t need is people judging each other,

ranting at each other,

we need to talk, we need to disagree,

we need to not lose our shit on each other,

we need to breathe.

Last year I read this book,

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F****,

it frustrated me, lots, the style was at times,

unbearably bad, it was major hashtaggy,

and in your face, but buried in there,

amongst the four letter words and acronyms,

was wisdom, lots of wisdom.

One of the wisest things in there,

was about how people are no longer allowed,

to have hobbies, they have to be sidehustles,

people always need to be doing something productive,

which is synonymous in our society with moneyable,

you have to brand yourself etc,

often when I read branding yourself I imagine a red hot branding iron heading right for my naked butt cheek, yikes.

What’s wrong with drawing for fun,

baking to makes others happy,

kniting things for people as tokens and expressions of love?

Not only is there nothing wrong with that,

it’s wondeful!!

At Christmas, I received, home baked goods,

from friends, from church family,

I received hand knit neck protectors and mittens,

acts of love, that’s what breaks loneliness and isolation.

SAD I believe mostly requires sun and vitamin D,

and depresssion needs clinical,

medical, pharmaceutical, help,

and patience and love with ourselves and others.

I am not overly fond of hashtags,

and catch phrases, like the latest:


But, I do believe in love yourself and love your neighbour as yourself.

But, most of all I believe in being patient with others and yourself,

and not beating yourself up if you fail,

next time try again,

and you will fail, at patience, at all of it.

These have been the,

Meanderings of a January mind.

Be well you all,

Later girls,


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