Hello all,
hope all is well with you.
I have been very busy of late-
and not just social butterflying.

I tried a new job, wasn't a good fit,
moved on.

And then...providence, God, the universe...
stepped in.

I have been doing some volunteer,
literacy training,
for a community center,
with a social justice mission.
They help immigrants to fit in,
giving them the tools and skills,
to take on life's challenges in,
their new home.
The center also helps people,
who suffer from chronic poverty,
from isolation and loneliness,
helps people in the community,
makes their lives better,
gives them a place.

This center is a special place,
the people who work there are,
special people.
They want to make a difference,
they make a difference.

On Monday,
I met with my new 'pupil'
I will be tutoring her,
getting her up to speed,
so that she can enter,
the French language skills program.
We worked out a schedule,
and I will be meeting with her, 
next week.

While I was there,
the lady who is my liaison,
at the center,
was talking to one of her colleagues,
they needed someone to take over,
their English language workshops.
They didn't need a teacher,
they needed a communicator,
someone perfectly bilingual,
someone who believed in their cause,
an open minded people person,
with good communication skills.

My liaison person, looked at me,
we had been discussing,
my search for a part time gig-

You could see the light bulb,
go on,
over her head like in the comics
and she looked at her colleague,
who looked at me,
they swept me down to meet,
the director.

Last night I observed,
and next week,
I will be flying solo.

Four evenings a week,
I will be leading workshops,
a beginner and an intermediary level.

Woo Hoo.

I am so excited about this, 
it is a challenge, an opportunity,
and I believe-
What I have been waiting for-
at least part of it.

I relish the opportunity to help,
and I know my life will be enriched,
by meeting,
and interacting with,
who's life experience is,
so very different,
from mine.
My theology courses at church,
are fascinating.

It's Fall, I am happy

But...my uncle has had,
a major heart attack,
he is important to me, 
one of my people.
He is in  good hands,
and I feel he will be okay
but, it is hard,
illness, aging, all of that

Like mom says:

Old Age is hard on old people

Be well, you all, cherish,
your life, your health,
your opportunities,
your people.

Later girls,


2 Replies to “Blessings and challenges”

  1. I’m delighted to learn of your new job opportunity- it sounds perfect for you!

    I hope your uncle’s health crisis passes and he recovers, stronger than ever. We have learned so much in the last 10years about cardiac medicine — some people have astounding recoveries & changes in life & lifesyle.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. The job I am so looking forward to and my uncle is better and stronger everyday, the hospital is very happy with his progress.

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