Today, I heard that my good friend,


passed away.

It came as a shock.

I didn’t see it coming,

and to think that she died alone,

makes me crazy.


was a woman of,

uncommon generosity,

and independence of spirit.

She loved to joke and,

 she loved to smoke.

She was a good Jew,

who ate,

Bacon and Ham,

because it tasted good,

and God,

would understand.

She loved Harry Potter,

and snowy owls,

and Cats.

She loved mysteries,

and the novels of,

Maeve Binchy,

Winnie the Pooh,

Patty Labelle,

and the Jazz Fest.

Peanut butter,

and green mint tea.

She was crusty, tough and sarcastic,

and had a heart as big as Mont Royal.

She took shit from,

no one,

and yet,

was a gentle and lonely soul.

I met her seven years ago,

when she walked into my bookstore.

I was privileged to call her my friend,

and my life was richer for knowing her,

it will be much poorer for her loss.

I loved her,

like a sister,

I hope she knew that.

RIP Betsy Winston 1947-2011

Godspeed, my friend,



Later girls,


3 Replies to “Betsy, my Friend”

  1. Thank you for your beautiful memorial to Auntie Betsy on your web site. It is very touching and incredibly heartfelt. I cried when I read it to my mom, Auntie Betz’s sister. I felt you really revealed Betsy’s personality in your obit/memorial and it was extremely important that you published it online. I will be eternally grateful to you. I don’t know if I will ever be able to find the words. Thank you so much for this – it is how I connected you, Betsy’s friends to my family. Thank you so much, once again. What a lovely honour to the memory of my aunt. Take care, Elaine Carol

  2. Reading this on a day that i just miss her so much to google and find such lovely words of such a wonderful woman. Thnak You Dear Stranger xoxo

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