I have been very busy,
by my standards, busy.

Lots of social activity,
cultural outings.
Went to see Book Of Mormon,
with my Bff for her birthday-
so smart, so funny, so irreverent,
and yes, a little offensive,
but we loved it.

Funny, how things, 
come to you,
to flesh out thoughts,
creative questions,
or meaning of life,
a little mysterious.
I am not referring to research,
but, just living,
your life,
and things appearing to shed light,
on barely flickering ideas.

I have been writing about this,
for a while now,
how faith and specifically church,
has brought,
centered ness into my life.

Now to be clear,
it hasn't made me happy,
it has made me calm,
well, calmer.

I am happy, I was happy,
I am blessed, 
I have an amazing family,
friends who are...well,
the best there is,
I have love and passion.
My health is good.

What church has brought,
is an opportunity,
to work on letting go,
of anger,
an opportunity to forgive.

I struggle with some of these,
it is hard for me to let go,
of hurt,
of anger,
but I am working on it.

I find that faith,
is a lot like love.
You have to believe,
you have to trust,
you have to make,
yourself vulnerable.

Faith isn't the way for,
I don't think.
But, belief is,
living your life ironically,
is bullshit,
love isn't ironic,
neither is goodness.

Sarcasm and snarkiness, 
hide pain.
Laughing is good,
essential to long life,
like singing and loving,
profiting from others,
weaknesses and foibles,
laughing at them,

As Bruce Springsteen sings:

Still at the end of every hard earned day people find some reason to believe

When things are hard,
belief is all the more important,
but, even us happy blessed people,
need belief,
well, I think so

still fleshing this idea out, I wonder what you all think about this.

Be well you all.
Later girls,

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