Life motto

Mark Twain, who else?

The most marvelous little bookstore.

You know you want to???


Vintage drawer used to hold books.

I like everything about this, the urban, the patina, the recycled, the sheer…butch of it:-)


Don’t fear the truth, even if it sometimes it is scary, very scrary.

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A little levity, always, helps

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As do cats and,


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Picked up Irving again,

savoring like a fine cup of coffee.

Pre End | AW 2011

Looking forward to weather that requires this,

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and this,

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and these:-)

Have a good Sunday,

I’m taking the day off,

watching the Olympics,

in the AC

Later girls,


**all these pictures and or quotes come from my Pinterest page, bookish butch, check it out- it’s BB in pictures**

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