Oooh, rough day,

very rough day,

the cold,

make that,

friggin’ cold,


is arriving from the arctic,

weirdoes gallore,


my computer was messed up,

with something which,

I won’t name,

don’t worry, you all are safe, it was an easy fix, it’s just that sometimes, I am digitally challenged and sometimes, especially when I am cold and or sick and or grouchy hormonal, in deep need of vacation, well, I sort of panic, I’m not proud of it, but, I do.

Most of the day,

I worked hard on not,

freakin’ out,

with various,

levels of success


I’ve started a new book,

by one of my favourite writers,

A New Life by Bernard Malamud,

not like the other Malamuds,

I’ve read,

it takes place in a small town,

in the Pacific Northwest,

not New York,

or the shetl.

I’m liking it,

have about half read,

slow day

On Monday,

I needed to get out of the house,

wanted to go spend the gift card,

I got for Christmas,

got myself a nice,

shawl collar lambswool sweater,

in charcoal,

twenty bucks,

I even had some change on the gift card, sweet:-)


the find of the day,

was the perfect,

relaxed shawl collar sweater,

at American Eagle,

a marl, blue and red which makes it,

a perfect,

plum colour,

it was love at first sight.

Amazing what a little retail therapy,

will do,


As long as it,

doesn’t become a crutch.

No vicarious,

vacation or rest,



for this butch,



a new, perfect sweater,

or a,

great haircut,

takes the bite out of,

the chill and grey,

of January.

Do you agree girls?

Later, girls


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