Not A Day Goes By…

Mom September 2019, a year before she died. My mom died, two years ago, today. I have been home, sick all week. I have Covid symptoms, but, my tests are negative. My head has been aching, pounding all week. Today is September 16 th, the second anniversary of, mom’s death. It was a glorious sunny,… Continue reading Not A Day Goes By…

The Queen Is Dead.

A recent photo of Her Majesty. The Queen is Dead. My whole life, Elizabeth II has been, the Queen of England, The U.K, the Commonwealth. I am a Canadian, the Queen appears on, our money, our stamps, she is, was, the Queen of Canada. She has visited and stayed, in all parts of Canada, many… Continue reading The Queen Is Dead.

Vacation Over

Well, that’s it then, today is my last day of vacation. It flew by, I had lots of fun. Got lots of fresh air, did lots of reading, ate some delicious food, spent quality time with friends. Went to the movies, museum, botanical garden, a mini road trip, baseball game, hung out, Spent extra time… Continue reading Vacation Over

Gone Fishing.

Good morning everyone. It is Sunday morning, here in my beautiful ugly. Going to be a hot August day. Catherine and I are going to St-Jax’s, my old church, for service, followed by lunch with a friend. Today is the first day of my vacation. I am taking a break from social media, pretty much… Continue reading Gone Fishing.

Disconnect, Detox

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. It has been mighty hot, here, in my beatiful, but, it is gorgeous right now, clear sky, cool breeze. A majestic Summer evening. Tomorrow, I am doing the second part, of my first aid class. I have packed a lunch, cheese and pickle sandwich, cherry tomatoes… Continue reading Disconnect, Detox

Thoughts, Musings

My favourite recent photo of Catherine and I. We were out revisiting our first date and the sun was so hot, but, not nearly as hot as that day in August when we first met. I have been very tired, lately. The heat and humidity means, I don’t sleep well. There was the whole week,… Continue reading Thoughts, Musings

My George

Good morning everyone. I hope all is well in your world. We have been blessed, here in my beautiful ugly, with some exceptionally, gorgeous weather this Summer, not too hot and humid, mostly sunny and breezy. Wear your shorts but, not sweat your butt off weather. I have had, a difficult week. My chubby one,… Continue reading My George

A Special Evening

Charlie Cunningham a UK musician worth checking out Hello everyone. It is an absolutely gorgeous day, here in my beautiful ugly. It is sunny and the breeze is gentle, perfect weather, not hot and humid, which is usual for us at this time, of year, let us be grateful and breathe it in. Long happy… Continue reading A Special Evening

Before The Sun

I got up before the sun. No one woke me, it wasn’t George, maybe the rain, I don’t know. But I woke with this, song in my head. It has been a busy, week, so far. Yesterday, I tuned in to, Zoom lunch time service, at my church. Every Wednesday, there is a midday service.… Continue reading Before The Sun