26 Years ago, today

Hello everyone, today it is Spring! I am anxious for, the snow to melt, we still have some, here in my beautiful ugly, and some might still fall. But, Spring it is! The light is more… bright, the light is… more. March 21 st 1997, my dad passed away, suddenly and brutally. Massive heart attack,… Continue reading 26 Years ago, today

Number 1000, Woo Hoo!

Well here it is, Blog post 1000! I have thought about what to write. I have thought about, how many people, see, writing a blog, a public journal if you will, as, self indulgent. I suppose it is. But, I have learned, a few things, because of this blog. The most important, of these, is,… Continue reading Number 1000, Woo Hoo!

999 in February

Murals here in Montreal, Grey February day Hello everyone. I hope you have had, a great week. Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Early? On Tuesday? Or are you celebrating it tonight? Catherine and I are going to, the restaurant, tonight. It’s a nice place, local, not even a block away, from my place, Gepetto’s. We… Continue reading 999 in February

Something New

Good morning everyone. Bright and early, Monday morning, the start of a new day, new week and new job. I would say I found a new job, but, it’s more like a new job, found me. Looking forward to new challenges. This job will, engage my skill set, and stretch my learning curve, in other… Continue reading Something New

Musings on Aging

The most recent version of me. Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. It’s grey out, and that is a little bit, contagious, the greyness. I feel ok, but greyness, makes me think, a little, greyer, a little darker, makes me a little bit, down. I combat it, I play loud music, loud… Continue reading Musings on Aging

Even at 57…

I took this photo of me Spring 2022 Hello all, we had a bright sunny day, yesterday, today is back to, grey, it’s snowing, George is snoring, in the other room, yes, I can hear him! My cold is still hanging on, getting pretty tired of this shit ! But, I have been, painting, writing,… Continue reading Even at 57…

Art and Love

Hello all, been a weird week or so. Dark and gloomy and I have, had, a cold. Nothing life threatening, but, it puts you off your game, you know? I didn’t want Catherine, to catch it, so we spent the weekend, in our respective flats. I was missing her, so I suggested we go, to… Continue reading Art and Love