Assembling the Fall butch wardrobe

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Hello you all.

Hope you are all feeling ship shape.

I am in a pretty good mood,

it’s a little hotter,

than I enjoy but,

the Fall is a coming,

Happy dance


The tax man,

in his infinite wisdom,

has sent me a return,

so after,

paying off a few debts,

I will be assembling,

the missing elements,

of my Fall and Winter,

butch wardrobe.

My shirts are all too big,


I have no decent flannel,

to speak off,

this qualifies,

as a mini crisis.

I have looked and looked,

you find,

cheap made in China,

in awful colours,


hipster tight,

in bad design at big prices,

crap or ugly,

I enjoy neither,

you know who,

still makes the best flannel shirt,

at a fair price?

L.L Bean.

I have one left in my closet,

much too big,

worn 3 Winters,

still looks new,


it balloons,


some lucky person,

is going to inherit this shirt,


I am going to order,

2 new ones.

I like the Freeport flannel style best,


there is only one colour I like,

Mariner blue,

freeport shirt

blue, red and white,

two pockets,

regular collar,

I wish they also made this,

in Black Watch,


they don’t,

so I will also order,

a Scotch Plaid in Black Watch,

black watch shirt

one pocket,

button down collar,

which I don’t like as much,

with flannel,



should be good,

for at least 5 years in the flannel,


Toasty warm,



perfect for our cold damp,


I also need boots,

my first pair of Blundstones,

is going on six years,

still good,

the originals,


I intend to wear them as my,

beater Winter pair.

I love the look of,

the chisel toe,

Crazy Horse Browns,

that are the second pair I bought,


the soles,

just aren’t as thick,

or resistant,

not good,

in slippery wet conditions,



in the beautiful ugly,

is all about slippery and wet.

So I have looked and looked,

if budget was no option,


I would buy a pair of Red Wings,


$400-$500 dollars,

I cannot afford for boots,

or anything else for that matter:-)



it is,

dollar for dollar,

at a little over $200 cdn,including our whopping Quebec sales tax,

are a good buy.

I like the way,

they look,

I like how comfy they are,

they are an essential element,

of my butch style,

I really wanted suede,


it isn’t practical,

so I am going with,

the nubuck,

blundstones nubuck

in crazy horse brown,

with the new two tone,


Add a new black hoodie,


my Fall Winter wardrobe,

has no more holes.

I intend to spend lots,

of time outdoors,

in the Fall,


even Winter,

lots of photographs to be taken,


fresh air to counter,

all the time,

spent in front of the computer screen,


I need my versatile,

butch wardrobe.


I work,

part time,

in a casual environment,

I don’t need anything too dressy,


what I do need,

I have.

There comes a time,

in your life,


you know,

what you like,

what fits your style,

your personality,



your lifestyle,




ball caps,

for everyday,

oxford button down and khakis for fancy,

for me,

there is nothing else

it is my version,

of butch,

with my twists,

practically a uniform,



so far removed from one.

Odd to be thinking of flannel,



30 degrees celsius.

Be well.

Later girls,





By Bookish Butch

I am a bookish butch in my mid early fifties. I live in Montréal and always have. I used to run a small used bookstore. Reading keeps me sane. My latest jiggie is photography, book project in the works, living the dream


  1. You can probably find those Red Wings online for a fraction of the price- amazon, ebay, american retailers. That’s how I afford all my good $hit.

  2. I agree, but, and zappos won’t deliver to Canada, no worries, happy with my Blundstones and one day I will take a road trip and buy some Red Wings, will make a great story. L.L Bean treats Canadian customers exactly the same as American ones, free shipping, they rock.

  3. I’ve also gotten Red Wings for my gf on eBay – one pair previously worn, one pair never worn, at greatly reduced prices.

    And how about second hand stores for your flannels?

    Funny to me that you like the chest pockets with flaps – I avoid flapped pockets with buttons at all costs – I feel like they emphasize my large (to me) breasts – so no flaps, no buttons is the way I roll in my flannel.

  4. Hi:-) good to know about the boots, will look into it, based on both yours and Tara’a suggestions. As far as flannel goes, I never seem to find anything I would wear in thrift places, mind you I don’t go often and I am super picky about colours and such. I don’t have to worry about making chest look smaller, I am not overly endowed in that area, much more a belly butch than a busty one:-)

  5. I’m with 100% on the Black Watch flannel – maybe we can make a special plea to LL Bean? I’ve been looking for the last couple of years. Let me know the sizes of your too-big shirts; I’d gladly pay to have you send them my way if they were a fit!

    I stumbled across your blog a few days ago, and it’s inspiring me to think about getting back to blogging again. It’s fallen by the wayside in favor of a newish fascination with genealogy. I’m thinking I will get back to them when I retire in a couple of years, and probably combine all into one blog, but it occurred to me that it might be fun if the two of us reviewed the same books and compared from our different points of view: butch/”sorta” femme, Canadian/American, East Coast/West Coast…


  6. Hello:-) always nice to get new readers, feedback. I am afraid you are plum out of luck for the shirts that were too big the older one’s I gave away- the black watch button-down I am wearing with the collar open, I managed to shrink it a bit, hot water wash and the dryer, it is now workable. I wrote a review on Bean’s site making a sort of plea for Black Watch in the providence style, fingers crossed:-) I like the idea of the review of the same book, from different perspectives, very much.Drop me an email if you’d like, it’s on the about page, and maybe we can do that.
    We seem to have more than a few things in common, flannel, black watch and a love of genealogy.

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