It’s a sunny hot morning,

here at bookish butch central.

A few months ago,

I received a book for review,

I had intended to ‘publish’

the review in Kissed By Venus,



KBV is no more,

sad but,

these things happen.


I’ve decided to post it here.

Info about the author and synopsis:

L World

About the Author

Taryn Rose When Taryn Rose is not weaving sexy tales of female lust, longing, and betrayal, she can be seen people watching while sipping a martini at one of her favorite lesbian hot spots in New York City. You can visit Taryn at her personal blog at and follow her on twitter @TarynRose1

L World — Synopsis             Blake Sanders, a partner at a top Manhattan law firm and newly minted divorcee, is shocked to find herself lusting after her sexy female hairstylist. But when her trendy tufts are not at all what she imagined, Blake’s fiery temper takes over and she stiffs the hottie who fashioned them. After her new look causes a splash at work, Blake has a change of heart and returns to the salon with a generous tip for Janie, the sexy stylist, only to find her cozying up with another woman on her way out. Intrigued, she follows the pair downtown to a Greenwich Village bar called “L World”. When Blake discovers that her fantasy girl is an out and proud gay chick, her attraction to Janie becomes very real. She pursues her, setting in motion a torrid affair that turns both women’s lives upside down, and leaving a trail of damage behind!

Published by Ravenous Romance, release date, 01-25-2012
My Review
This romance isn’t very wild sexually, pretty much every one’s cup of tea. Two women having sex, making love, in satisfying and beautifully ordinary ways. Women who kiss, who touch, who caress , who lick and suck and love each other intimately and intensely. Taryn Rose, does a good job of ‘showing’ how hot, raunchy and mind blowing sex between women can be and also how caring and tender. I like the characters, which to me is essential, the main character, Blake, is a high powered lawyer who has been married(to a man) and has pretty much ignored the gay part of herself. The woman she falls for, Janie, is younger, a hair stylist, who has a very supportive and close group of friends, they hang at a club, The L World, owned by a lovable butch, who’s a player but, has a heart of gold, what makes her a player? Is there a secret in her past that stops her from forming meaningful attachments, committed relationships? A few scenes I liked very much, in one- they recount how they came to know, they were gay, and Blake the lawyer asks Dom (butch club owner) how she knew- one of the other girls says, “oh Dom is a lifer” I liked that it resonated with me, and I think it would for many readers. Another scene I found particularly hot and poignant, Blake is assertively sexual and yet…when her girl takes the reins, she gets shy, she wonders if she should, it turns into a very hot scene, the hottest in the novel- very true to life, you have a feeling of being there, appeals to the voyeur in all of us<wink>   I liked this novel, a lot, I read it right through and will probably read it again. I thought the couple fit, had chemistry. I liked the fact that Blake has a teenage son and she struggles with how to tell him, that rang true to me. Janie has a very supportive group of friends around her, nice to see. The L World is Taryn Rose’s first novel, it is eminently likable and sexy, a perfect ‘take you away from it all’ romance. It has it’s limitations but, I think that has more to do with format and the necessity to deliver a novel with X number of words. This isn’t Literature but, it doesn’t aspire to be. A good solid romance that will bring you a few hours of enjoyment, nothing wrong with that, is there? Available in an inexpensive ebook format, fun read. Try it I know you’ll like it:-)

So, That’s my review,
I hope you check out the book,
it’s good.
Later girls,

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