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An excursion

Good day to you all,

it’s a cloudy hazy one,

here in my beautiful ugly.

It’s been a helluvah week.

Emotional highs and lows,

a roller coaster.


I took the metro,

it was the first time,

since March 14th!

I live in Verdun,

it is an interesting ,

urban neighbourhood,

has pretty much all I need,

and it’s all within,

walking distance.

It meets my needs,

and more.

Verdun is my home,

my friends,

my ‘hood.

But, downtown,

the Plateau,

these are places,

that I visit,

when I need to ,

get out of my head,

one is the Auntie Mame,

of my life:

Life is a banquet and most of you poor suckers are starving to death!

and the other is,

my exotic acquaintance,

the lover I long for,

the excitement,

the blood pumping,

heart bursting,

joy and passion.


I spent a few hours,

in the plateau,

I walked her familiar,

but not quotidian streets.

I bought some pens,

some paper,

in the best stationary store,

that I know,

I got a cold brew to go,

from a hipster cafe,

that I adore,

and then I went to,

the Word,

my all time favourite,


It is a tiny place,

the facade is painted,

a very dark green.

It’s amazing what I find,

at the Word,

it’s as if,

it was curated for me.

I had a Trollope set aside,

and an MFK Fisher,

and as I was walking in,

wearing a mask,

and having sanitized my hands,

I found a lovely hard cover,


Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein,

ten bucks.

Adrian was wearing a visor,

but we had a short chat.

I like to go there,


because sometimes,

I take my time,

dawdle even,

but I have never visited,

The Word and left,

empty handed,


That was yesterday,

a metro ride,

keeping a distance,

wearing a mask,

and visiting some of my truly happy places,

I have missed them so.

Have a great weekend you all,

stay safe, be well.

Later girls,


2 replies on “An excursion”

Bookstore dawdling…especially used bookstore…is the best! No time pressure, a possible treasure in the next stack…the smell of dust and paper. All the happy things. Except I hate finding a book with an inscription from a parent …those make me sad wondering. Glad you had such a lovely outing and got to end your week on an up note 🙂

Thank you Jennifer, it really was a nice afternoon,nothing is like a used bookstore, nothing and I think I am qualified to say that having spent 9 years behind the counter of my very own.

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