Muggy and smoggy day,


in Montreal.

The weekend was remarkably,


lots of rain.

It was,

a weekend,


with bliss,

three days,

that you wish,

could be frozen,

in time.

If I could save time in a bottle…. anyone remember Jim Croce??

I’m happy:-)

Today, back to work,

really good day,

everyone in,

a good mood,

and looking to,

buy some books,

oh yeah,

good couple of days,

a little hormonal,


nothing to keep,

a good butch,


A few days ago,

I told you all,

I was reading,

a lovely book,

Alma Rose,

by Edith Forbes,

this book,

didn’t disappoint,

good to the end.

A book about how,

it’s never,

too late,

to wake up,


live your life.

Pat lives in,

a small town,

very small town.

She has barely lived,

her life,

working for her dad,

and taking care of him,

she gave up,

going to College,

so he wouldn’t be lonely,

and so,

she could run,

his business,

all the while,

letting him,

believe he does.

Pat isn’t a martyr,

she’s more like,

a ghost,

drifting through her life,

never expressing,

her opinions and desires.

She has them, she reads, she’s smart, she just never allows herself a voice.

One day,

Alma Rose appears.

A flamboyant,

lady trucker,

who sweeps her,

off her feet,

and leads her to realise,

all she has,

been missing.

There are twists,

and turns,

nothing is contrived,


many of the twists,

are unexpected,

and surprising.

A novel,

about how it’s never too late,

to stand up,

be accounted for,

and live,

your life.

Let’s hear it for late bloomers,

and brushing off,

quiet desperation.

A lovely book,

a good writer,

a much appreciated gift.


I should get some sleep:-)

Later girls,


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