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All I want for Christmas…

Hello all, hope you have all been having,  a wonderful December, that your lead up to Christmas,  and or whatever holiday, you celebrate  is joyful and reflective, that you are in, a happy place or a growth place.

This has been a growth year for me. It may not have gone exactly as I wished, but, that isn’t how things work.

Yiddish proverb

I have had a pretty wonderful year, truthfully. I met tons of new people.  I learned lots of new things. I discovered new things I was good at, and a few that weren’t right for me.

I spent quality time with, my family, with my friends, with God.

I got to grow older, a privilege which is not given to, everyone.

In a lot of ways, it was a year of milestones, teaching, and getting,  how really hard, that is, renewed respect for teachers.

I got to speak at my church, about my journey in faith, a wonderful experience. The preparation, the love and support, I received. It was a great season in my life.

On St-Jean at St-Jax’s  photo credit Graham Singh

I spent time in small groups, a new experience for me. I had  moments of difficulty, with certain passages of scripture, gay people can,  easily be and feel, excluded in the Christian faith, in any faith. It is challenging.

But, being Gay is challenging, everywhere, even in the most ‘liberal’, of  circles. This is not a complaint, these are facts, many people think gay people are less than, some of them use scripture to keep people excluded, but, I can tell you, as a relatively new Christian, homophobia is no more common among Christians than it is among the general population. I am not one who is easily victimized, I am a confident and relatively well read and spoken individual. But, just like there is much sexism in the world, the whole world, there is perhaps even more homophobia. I believe in being who I am, not in your face and not shrinking violet, who I am- no more than, no less than.

I met new people who share the same hopes, the same dreams.

I think I have learned what I don’t want, I don’t want to go backwards. 

So, what is it I want for Christmas?

I want world peace, but, I will settle, for my family all getting along and speaking to each other. I would like to have those who have gone, back with us, but, I will rejoice in the memories, some good, some bad. I would like to really know what I am meant to do, but, instead I will be patient.

I want to wish all of you, the best of the season. Joy and love, family, friends, song, and compassion for our fellow humans. Let us all have fun, eat, drink and be merry and let us be grateful for all that has been given to us.

and a little child shall lead them

Merry Christmas

Later, girls


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