December is,

a tough one,

it’s cold,

it’s dark,


even if,

you aren’t,



it’s a bad time,

to be,


All the things you wish,

you could share,

with your loved ones,

it’s tough,

because even,

‘homemade’ gifts,

cost money,

sharing time,

with loved ones,

is the important part,

of the holidays,


I wish,

I could get something,

special and nice,

for the people,

on my Christmas list.

I’ll have to get creative,

I guess:-)

I’ve been making,


out of old,


I like ’em,

I hope a few others,

will too:-)

December is about,

love and family,


it’s also,

to me,

about looking back,

on a tough year,



my bookstore,

my customers,


the social aspect of it,

I haven’t found,

a place,

that fits as well,


I wonder if I ever will,


I miss the camaraderie,

the discussions,


I even miss the,



The new year is coming,

let it be good,

I’m thinking,

lottery winning,

world peace,

an end to persecution,

of all kinds,

good will,

towards all,

I say,

if you’re gonna,


dream big,


not just for yourself.

May the pre-holiday season,

be kind to you,


Be well my friends.

Later girls,


***I’ve been scanning old family pictures and I came upon this one, my favourite childhood picture, I call it baby butch, I was 3***





4 Replies to “Ah December(:”

  1. you’re too cute. wow. almost make me cry. no jokes! wish you a great christmas time <3.

    Ps: don't you have a twitter?

  2. I love your childhood pic. So great.

    And for me, December is wonderful. I feel you on the gift giving/poverty level – but I do appreciate the tug to express our love for friends and family. I have found that accepting limitations (as opposed to resenting them) has yielded tremendous opportunity. (You write so well & expressively – I would explore that avenue if I were you). So for cold and darkness, February is the month I feel it. For me that is the month where the darkness has stayed too long – and the cold is amplified by hints of spring damp …

    Yesterday we had a lovely snow storm. My gf & I went x-country skiing for the first time this season. We were completely snow covered when we returned an hour later – but ruddy and laughing, with no spills on our first time out for the year. The two dogs we brought along had a blast romping — just a great day out in the world.

    … I am not on twitter, but am on fb. Since you can see my email addy, you can probably find me there. I’m not there often, but would love to keep in touch that way if you’re interested.

  3. will do on the face book thing and I am too, not as BB, but, as the real me. Don’t mind my December grouchiness, it will pass, I like the writing idea for gifts, will give it some thought, thanks, glad you had fun in the snow:-)

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