On Sunday,

I went shopping-scouting,

for Fall clothes,


usually I would go,


butch shopping,

is  intricate,

butch aesthetics,

hard to explain,

you need someone,

who gets it,

who likes it,

who will smile at,

your choices,



who makes faces,



‘why you would want to dress like a boy’


mom, has vastly improved, although, I’m not sure she gets the difference between a pink ‘girlie’ sweater and a pink button down oxford, after all they both are pink, right? 🙂

So usually,

I go,


Now, I happen to have,

a friend,

who really gets butch,


she notices your new shirts,

even if they are the same,

hue of blue,

as the last batch,

she notices,

that you are wearing,

a new pair of boot cut jeans,

she compliments,

your boots,


she isn’t even trying,

to pick you up,

(nod to Butch Wonders ‘How To Flirt With A Butch’)


she isn’t even remotely,

butch herself,


she digs butches,

and their style.

I even mentioned to her,

that it was a pleasure shopping,

with someone who got,


she seemed pleased:-)

See I’ve been thinking,

how would one,

go about explaining,

butch aesthetic??


first off,

there isn’t just one.

You have your,

tie wearing butches,

dapper, blazer, pressed.

your politico butches,

all about thrift and hemp,

your ‘ladies man’ butches,

all hair product, and, fashion trends,

you even have your,

my ‘wife’ dresses me butch,

polos and jeans, JC Penney and Walmart are fine, who cares, denim is denim.

You have your,

working class hero butch,

your cowboy butch,

‘howdy ma’am’

your professorial corduroy butch.

Of course,

I’m a bookish butch,

of fast approaching,

middle age,

and of a certain…

shall we say,



I like to think,

of myself,



layered and well…


A combination, working class, professorial and some inner cowboy. 

Not sure about that, but a butch has to have her illusions to hang on to, right?

Now, those of you,

who are long time,

Bookish Butch readers,

coming up on three years!! and I thank you for your continued readership, I’d like you all to manifest yourselves once in a while, let me know that you’re around, I wonder who’s been reading the longest and if there are still readers from the early days or if I bore everyone after a while, anyway, as usual, I digress:-)

People who know BB,

know that certain elements,

make up,

what is,

my butch style,


Oxford Cloth Button Down shirts,

usually in blue,

Plaid flannel shirts,

some killer dress shirts,

my ex gave me,


she got slinky slim,



boot cut jeans,

lots of L.L. Bean,

lots of American Eagle Outfitters,

flat tweed caps,

baseball caps,

leather jacket,

my elements,

my style.

What you might not know,

is that in the past few months,

since I got my new ‘do’


have lost a few pounds,

not to mention,

the fact that I am madly,

in love,

with a woman who thinks,

butch is wonderful and,

dare I say it,


I have been,

tweaking my style,

glorying in it,

revelling in it,


my proud butch,


to match my tender butch,


I’ve even added,

a little butch jewellery,

leather wristbands,

that kind of thing.

My new P-Town cap,

that the ex brought back from her vacation,

sports a I love Queer Anarchists and a pierced nipple button,

this is pretty out there for me,

cutting edge:-P

All this to say,

it’s hard to explain butch aesthetics,


better butches than me,

have tried.

Thank you girls,

for following me around my ramblings,


thanks for reading,

these 3 years,

with you,

have been wonderful:-)

Later girls,











6 Replies to “Aesthetics, Butch Style??”

  1. Hey BB, I’ve been reading you for a few months. I’m a dog-walking butch from OH – and a serious reader. I sport a crew cut (at it’s longest .5″, at it’s shortest – oh maybe 1/8″), shots & tees in summer, plaid/flannel/oxford & jeans in winter – with v-neck cashmere or lambswool for warmth.

    I like your writing style – it’s very dynamic. I do like hearing about what you’re reading — this summer has been the summer of non-fiction for me, with the exception of John Irving’s book.

  2. Hey Dee, so nice to hear from you:-) We seem to have a a similar aesthethics aside from the shorts, BB don’t do shorts, too paled skin I think. Cashmere love cashmere, I usually do cotton waffle knit or
    chunky L.L. Bean shaker, again cotton, wool is too warm for me. I’m going to write about a few things I’ve been reading in the next couple of days. Thanks for your kind words and dropping by, it is mucho appreciated.

  3. I work outdoors and need the warmth of wool. I like multiple layers – so I favor thinner, flatter knits with maximal warmth.

    … Also, you couldn’t work outside in the summer and not wear shorts – but/and you probably wouldn’t be sporting all that white skin by summer’s end either!

    Looking forward to hearing your book updates. I just began Chris Cleave’s Gold. I found Little Bee good but a very painful read. And now I find myself treading cautiously through all sorts of painful minefields (the betrayal of body as we age, a child with leukemia & the family dynamic between sick child and terrified parents, the fear driving a competitive athlete …) Not sure what I was thinking.

  4. I find layers important even in the bookstore, old building, can be drafty. As for the shorts
    next year, I’m giving in, I have much better legs than some folks who wear them and yeah they will tan.
    News on books, today:-)

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