I try not to care I would lose my mind
Running ’round the same thing time after time
Only two things bound to soothe my soul
Cold beer and remote control – Cold Beer And Remote Control-Indigo Girls

Yes, I love The Indigo Girls,

what do you expect?

I’m a butch,

in her forties,

no brainer:-)

My one point of originality is that neither,

Closer to Fine,



are my favourites.

My favourites are Shame On You,


Cold Beer and Remote Control.

Shame On You, because it’s a danceable tune,

and it has this line

the beautiful ladies walk on by,

You know I never know what to say

Butch, tongue tied ness,

 in a nut shell:-)

As for danceability,

only in my mind,


only in my mind.

Cold Beer and Remote Control,

appeals to my sense of,

working class.

Although, strictly speaking,

I’m not working class,

I am.

I’m a working stiff,

through and through,

I wear the clothes,

I listen to the tunes,

I wear that label.

I know that in a postmodern world,

labels are a no no,

but hey,

I don’t care,

I’m a rebel!!

Not really,


I am comfortable with my labels,

and I’m comfortable with people who don’t  wear them.

Mine, I know,

Butch with a capital B.

It seems there may still be a few femmes out there,

who appreciate butch.

Bless them!!

I asked a friend of mine,

a busy writer type,

what she saw as butch,

and what she liked about it.

She hasn’t gotten back to me about it,

I don’t think she’s avoiding,

she’s damn busy.

So, I thought I would ask you girls,

tell me what you like about butch,

it’s a sort of  a sociological study,

for strictly selfish purposes,

I’m counting on you.

Also, this same friend doesn’t like the term,


can anyone suggest an alternative?

What’s wrong with femme?

It’s just woman in French,

I like femme,

I like French,

I like to…

Oh no,

 I won’t go there:-)



really doesn’t do it for me,


that’s me.

Not, much reading lately,

that’s why you have been subjected to my,

 États D’ames.

I’m working on it,

I just have trouble concentrating,


Later girls,


10 Replies to “A sociological question, for purely unscientific reasons.”

  1. A butch would open a door for a lady, and walk on the side of the sidewalk closest to the road, help someone with their bags, and exude a sense of strength and competence.
    A butch offers her arm to a lady to hold and watches out for hazards ahead.
    A butch plays the boy games as well or better than a lot of boys.
    Just my luck that so many of the most typical butches I have met have been straight.

  2. So a Butch is a “gentleman”, I agree- Although, I’m not very sporty, except to watch, Hockey, but you knew that, right? I am a typical butch, I think, and I can assure you I’m not straight:-)

  3. How is it possible to have ONE favorite Indigo Girls song? I have one for every mood, one for every album, one for every relationship………..
    I will also post a response to what is butch – it’s got me thinking.

  4. You sound like my ex, she never met an Indigo Girls song she didn’t like even… Chickenman, eek!! I’m glad I got you thinking:-) Look forward to your feedback, and thanks for stopping by.

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