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A Significant Week

Surviving /thriving through the pandemic, butch style

Hello everyone,

lovely breezy warm day,

out here,

in my beautiful ugly.

My friend Jen, says everything I write starts with the weather, I tell her it is my birthright as a Canadian:-) She doesn’t mean it critically it’s just that, as an American she isn’t obsessed with the weather, we all have our National obsessions, eh?

Been a big week,

some truly excellent things,


and at least one,

non excellent thing,

I did not see coming,

such is life.

I have been offered,

and more importantly,

I have accepted,

a part time job.

I will be working with,

a local literacy group,


work I care deeply about.

I will be working online,

helping to set up programs,

helping people,

to adopt,

digital means of communication,

among other things.

I am excited,

I am nervous,

some of it is familiar,

some of it is,


my comfort zone.

An opportunity to help,

to make a difference,

and to learn.

I can’t tell you how,

happy I am about it.

It’s also part time,

and will allow me,

to keep being there,

for mom.

It feels very much,

like an answer,

to my prayers.

Over the last year or so,

I prayed,

that God would point me,

in the direction,

I needed to go,

to be useful,

to discern a calling,

if indeed,

a calling there was.

I don’t mind telling you,

that there were times, many times,

I felt like,

every step,


was closely followed,

by two,


It felt,

truly and often,


God was messing with me,

I know, as if:-)

This new direction,

seems to have fallen,

from the sky,

and I am ready,

to take on the challenge.


I have been thinking,

how the pandemic,

has taken,

so much away,

and has also,

expanded certain,


I am a dreamer,

and a pragmatist,

I am a pragmatic dreamer,

an odd combination,

to be sure,

but, it is who I am,

another thing,

those of you,

who have read my blog,

for awhile,


I wear my heart on my sleeve,

that isn’t going to change,

and if it did,

there would probably be no blog.

The pandemic,

the resultant,

buzz cut,


serendipitous meetings,

have, reignited,

my writing pilot light.

I feel like I have more,

to say and share,

than I have in years,

so yeah, a good week,

and a challenging one,

a significant week.

Be well you all.

Later girls,


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