It’s a hot day,

breezy and damp,

I know that sounds,



this is Quebec,

the land of the contradiction


The humid air is giving,

my sinuses,

a bit of,

a hard time,

oh well,

I’ve got my nehti pot:-)


I’m sitting on the balcony

having my third cup of coffee,

before you start that, coffee isn’t good for you BB, herbal tea is where it’s at stuff, let me say this: a recently published study, in the New England Journal Of Medecine!!! states that people who drink six cups of coffee per day live longer, fifteen percent longer!!  At this rate I might live forever. So, in fact coffee is health food, roll over wheat grass juice:-)

So, I’m having my coffee,

a new blend I got at,


blonde coffee,

mellow veranda blend,

and my mind,

starts to wander,


an evocative,

beautiful word,

of light Summer breezes,

the churping of birds,

the smell of warm grass,

swinging on a swing,



a butch can dream,

of her woman by her side,

reading in silent companionship,

looking up,

to see her looking at you,


dude purring,


virtual silence,


ball caps,


the joy and peace,

of afternoons on Verandas,

with the woman you love.

The power of coffee,

the evocative nature of,


Here’s wishing you,

many afternoons,

on verandas.

This one’s nice:-)

Later girls,




6 Replies to “A riff on coffee and verandas”

  1. coffee is my favorite health food…at this rate i will live forever.
    afternoons on the veranda sound perfect. Someday, not only will i have a veranda, i will also have a yard for the dog to play in while the lover and i read and sip our coffee.

  2. They do, kind of weird looking and hairless, but, they need extra love, all goofy looking creatures do, I get the feeling you’re the fight for the ‘widows and orphans’ type, only fitting for a gentle butch, no?

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