This morning,

we woke to a,

winter wonderland,

which has since turned to,


ahh, Montreal.


I finished my Christmas shopping,

fist pump:-)

Yesterday I took my two eldest nephews,

downtown for an afternoon,

of lunch,

and shopping,

it was fun,


but fun.

I’m looking forward to the holidays,

spending time with friends and family,


I think I’ll actually have time for me,

to read,


take mom to see,

Les Miserables,

she loves that musical,


the fact that this stars,

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe,

two of her favourite hunks,

she’s over the moon.

Mom loves,

those virile Aussies,


I’m reading two books,

a classic of the Quebecois repertoire,

La Chasse-galerie,

by Honore Beaugrand,

tales of our coureur des bois past,

tiny book,

easy to carry around,

perfect subway book,




you usually finish a story,

even with a short trip.

The other book,

I’m reading is,

Late Nights On Air,

by Elizabeth Hay,

a Giller prize winner.

The Giller is a big deal prize,

here in Canada.

I stay away from prize winners,

as a rule,


I’m not a fan.

This novel won the Giller,

five years ago,


since then,

I’ve heard lots of good things.

The premise interests me,

people working in a radio station,

in Yellowknife in the Canadian North,

people escaping things,

attempting to remake their lives.

I don’t know much about it,


I’ve only read,

fifty pages or so,


so far,

I’m liking it.

I’ll let you know.

…and now, without further ado,

Pearls of Pinterest,

Pinned Image

Hemingway’s notebook and this quote from Hem,

“Write drunk; edit sober”


Pinned Image

Butch Mantra!

Pinned Image

Speaks for itself

Pinned Image

Perhaps this is something I can work on for 2013

Pinned Image

George and coffee, suave inspiration

Pinned Image

A reading haven, away from everyone, books, comforter, comfy chair, attic-perfect:-)

Pinned Image

Fly fishing, yeah, in the Spring fly fishing.

Pinned Image

Cat Love

Pinned Image

Vintage Woolrich, yum.

Pinned Image

Something to,



and digest,


reflective food for thought.

Later girls,



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