Hello you all,

apologies for being away for so long.

I have been super busy.

The end of the term at the community center.

Both my English conversation,


my numeracy classes are done.

I may go back in September,

it’s all a bit up in the air, which is fine.

Will happen what will happen.

Que sera sera

For now,

I am taking time off,

a couple of weeks.

My work is done.

Things at church are going to calm down,

for the Summer.

Alpha is done this week,

back in September I expect.

A few of us are getting together,

a bible study group.

My talk is written and submitted,

now all I have to do is,

deliver it.

I’m a little nervous about that,

I admit.

My church, means a lot to me,

it’s important that all go well.

I have great faith that it will.

I am riding a wave of gratitude,

mellowness, right now.

I just got back from a mini vacation,

my bff’s birthday present to me.

We drove to Upstate New York,

went to Cooperstown,

to the Baseball Hall Of Fame,

which is absolutely wonderful,

even if,

you aren’t a baseball fanatic,

the history, the importance of baseball,

culturally speaking.

So much to see,

I loved it.

Brought back many memories,

of childhood and adolescence,

the Expos, sigh.

Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Tim Raines,

all in the hall, on the wall of plaques.

I loved Gary Carter, it was emotional,

to see his plaque,

Jackie Robinson,

who played with our Royals ,

before he integrated the big league,

with the Brooklyn Dodgers,

way before my time but a part of our history.

The room on Women’s baseball,

the Negros leagues.

The Hall of Fame,

is a place of joy and history.

The photo gallery and art exhibit,

are marvelous.

Cooperstown is a small town,

very nice.

We saw many lovely small towns,

driving up to Cooperstown,

some have fallen on hard times,

but the people are nice,

and you sense resilience.

Lake George is gorgeous,

the Adirondacks are truly beautiful,

it was so good to get away,

see different things,

spend time with my best friend,

the view of Lake Oswego as you,

emerged from the motel room,


This is a really good time in my life.

I will tell you all about my talk next week.

Until then, enjoy the sunshine.

Be well

Later girls,



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