Hello all,
hope you are well,
happy and healthy,
in some parts of the world,
Spring is on the verge of,

Here in our beautiful ugly,
it's a little early for,
but, yesterday and today,
we have had some tremendous,
sunshine and mildly gorgeous,
It brings hope,
for an end to Winter.

I can hear a few of you,
our winters are so much,
milder than they used to be,
and, of course,
this is true,
it's just that I find the,
grey of winter and,
the damp cold,
harder to deal with,
it weighs heavy of me.
I know it,
I dress for it,
but, I could do without it,
so Spring or even,
an inkling of it,
fills me with joy,
puts a bounce in my step,
and a bigger smile on my face.

I have begun planning my,
Spring wardrobe,
pretty much under control.
Elements of butch style,
well in place,
woo hoo,
dusting off the caps,
polishing the boots,
and laundering the jackets.

I have been attending,
and letting myself,
be open,
no overthinking.
The Alpha course,
starts this week,
in both French and English,
I look forward,
to that.

I don't know what will come,
of all this,
I don't know,
if it will,
ultimately be the right,
But, I do know:
that I have met,
smart, loving, welcoming people,
that I feel peaceful,
and engaged,
in the house of worship,
that is St Jax's.

I have been open,
to the signs,
and I feel good about that,
my year of spiritual,
and political,
I remain questioning,
it is who I am

I have been doing quite,
a bit of reading,
a wonderful book,
by the late great,
John Berger,
part of the Penguins,
great ideas series:
Why Look At Animals?
It is brilliant all,
Berger is,
It was recommended by Meghan,
at Argo Books,
you should check it out.
I have been doing,
the bible in one year,
an interesting approach.
Lots of things on Urbanism,
and an old favourite,
Anne Lammott's
Traveling Mercies: Reflections of Faith.

My foot feels much better,
the cane and stretching,
have been great,
the flat boots,
have been banished.

I feel fine,
I hope you all do as well,
may Spring come,

Be well,
you all,

Later girls,

Anne Lamott a writer who shares.

Well it’s still,


I know, I know,

big shock,

it’s January:-)


the light was good,

a sunny day,





The Habs won,

thank you, hockey goddess!!

Beat the Maple Leafs,

first time,

this season.

This year,

the Leafs,

have a better shot,

at the playoffs,

than we do,




Might do ‘us’ good,

to finish,

very low in the,

over all standings,

get a better,

draft pick,


food for thought.

Pretty good day,

at ‘ye old bookstore’,

blue skies,

brought people out.

Had a visit from,

one of my,

favourite customers,

she brought me,

some presents,

volume I and II,

of Somerset Maugham’s,

collected short stories,

the cool part,

aside from the gift part:-)

I only had volume 3.

I’ve read most of them,


now I have the collected stories.

They are old penguin,


which don’t look as good,

on bookshelves,



a lot easier to read,

and carry around.

She didn’t even know,

I was missing those,

two volumes,

she figured,

I could sell them,

as if:-)

I finished Anne Lamott’s,

Traveling Mercies,

loved it,

of course,

I’m a ‘fan’.

In one essay,

she writes about,


I’m frequently tempted to say ‘talks about’ when refering to Lamott’s work, it feels like a conversation:-)

This excerp is from the part of the book,



All those years I fell for the big palace lie that grief should be gotten over as quickly as possible and as privately. But what I discovered since is that a lifelong fear of grief keeps us in a barren, isolated place and that only grieving can heal grief; the passage of time will lessen acuteness, but time alone, without the direct experience of grief, will not heal it. San Francisco is a city in grief, we are a world in grief, and it is at once intolerable and a great opportunity. I’m pretty sure that it is only by experiencing that ocean of sadness in a naked and immediate way that we come to be healed-which is to say, that we come to experience life with a real sense of presence and spaciousness and peace.

This spoke to me,


and I think,


who has tried to,


or jump over,

the grief of,

losing someone they loved,

be it,

through death,

or divorce,

knows you can’t,

it’s only when you,


no matter,

how long it takes,

that you feel peace,

it can take years,

many years.

You have to tear away,

the scar tissue,

feel the pain of,

the wound.

Only then,

can you allow,


to heal,


live or love,


to live and love,



That’s why I love Anne Lamott,

she really shares,

what she’s learned,

mostly the hard way.

No preaching,


pointing you to the light,

she shares,

and that is,


Later girls,