Linda Fairstein and Book Club reminder.

Good morning, all.

Today is my day off,

 and as usual I have a million things to do.

After completing 900,000 of them,

 I will be starting Linda Fairstein’s Hell Gate.

As I mentioned in an earlier post,

Linda Fairstein has been a favourite for years.

I don’t remember how or when I discovered her.

 Her main character is Alex Cooper,

Alex is an assistant DA,

for the New York district attorney’s office.

One of the largest if not the largest in the U.S.

She prosecutes sex crimes and murder with a sexual element.

Alex is a fabulous character,

she comes from a rich family, has a first class education,

loves Ballet and the law.

Given her education , experience and money,

she could practice with any firm,

but, chooses to prosecute bad people and help victims.

You gotta love that.

My favourite secondary character is Mike Chapman,

 homicide detective extraordinaire.

Mike is a history freak and a complex, caring man.

Both characters share some of my interests,

 and  both are Jeopardy freaks .

The reason I like the Alex Cooper books so much,

 is that Fairstein herself,

 was a sex crimes prosecutor for over two decades.

So, her credentials are top notch.

Also, she has a light touch with very difficult material.

Her books are always realistic without being macabre.

I especially like learning about New York history.

In one of the novels,

 I learned about the islands around Manhattan,

 and their colourful and sometimes tragic past.

In another, I learned all about the miles of underground vaults in between

the Metropolitan Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Really interesting stuff.

I love history but,

only like contemporary mysteries,

 this series is the best of both worlds.

I will review later this week.

Btw, don’t forget The Mere Future by Sarah Schulman,

 is the November book for Book Club.

Hopefully some of you will read it and participate.

Later girls


Book club proposition

Igor (the hurricane), is messing up what was supposed to be good weather.

I went to Central station this morning and booked my ticket for Toronto.

I told you guys about it,

gonna visit some friends,

as well as the great Canadian Metropolis.

Never been to Toronto.

I’m really pumped,

 a vacation!

New city to explore,

 and the Hockey Hall Of Fame ( YEH!).

I haven’t been on vacation in years.

So, the prospect of a weekend in Toronto,

 feels like a two weeks of sand for most people.

I used to belong to a book club for queer women.

But, since two of the members,

 including the founder,

moved away,

I have been a book club orphan.

So I had a thought,

 I am going to read 5 books with a lesbian theme or by a lesbian author and discuss them.

Hopefully, some of you would like to read along,

 and either post on your blogs or comment here.

The 1 st will be, My Year Of Meats by Ruth L Ozeki.

I purchased this book for the book club,

 but, for some unknown reason,

 we never read it,

it has been sitting on my desk since.

I will discuss it on the blog the last week of October.

Next, for the end of November,

 The Mere Future by Sarah Schulman.

I think Sarah Schulman is a brilliant and original writer and have read most of her books.

But, not this one.

No book for December, Christmas, Hanukkah etc.

For January?

 How about some suggestions?

I would truly appreciate the chance to discover a new author.

I am a neophyte at this,

 so be gentle,

 but,  please give feedback.

Well, it’s bedtime,

Dude, my cat, awaits.

Later girls