Even in November…there can be wonder

Good afternoon to you all,
apologies for being quiet,
in the last little while.

I have been busy and also,
I have been suffering from,
writer's block,
or perhaps,
writer's blockage,
would be a more,
apt descriptor.

I have lots to 'say',
on any number of things.
Those who,
know me,
know this,
but, lately,
maybe even longer than,
it hasn't been coming out,
or it starts to,
and is all,
garbled and confused,
at times,
it even seems,

It's as if all the pots,
on the back of the stove,
that have been steeping,
have spilled over,
making a sticky burnt mess.
As if,
what I thought was going,
to turn out,
creamy sweet and complex,
has become something,
that at first sight seems,
a mess but,
may yet,
turn out to be,
nourishing and sustaining.

So yeah, lots going on.

The new gig, has been,
and as is the case with,
both enriching and trying,
rewarding and sometimes,
even infuriating,
but it sure ain't boring.

Church and,
my journey,
through faith is also,
not what I expected,
I find myself,
after almost a year,
still deeply questioning.
I love the people,
I love the theology study,
I do pray,
I have felt my prayers,
I do feel loved, accepted,
guided and protected,
and I know that a big part,
of faith is not having to know,
a big part is,

I have no plans to stop going,
the journey is on going...

So, lots of challenges,
lots of faith,
lots of reaching,

But the best part of November:
the election of Valérie Plante,
as the first female mayor,
of my hometown,
the city I love,
my Montréal!!!

I am a member of Projet Montréal,
the party that Ms Plante leads.
I have been a member for a few years,
I voted for her as leader.
She has begun all her political races,
as an underdog,
and has won all of them,
including becoming the mayor,
of the second largest city in,
and the second most important,
French speaking city,
in the world
(after Paris, of course)

She did it her way,
with hard work,
grit, humor,
ideas, fierce intelligence,
people skills,
lots of people,
believing in her.
She is a woman who can,
rally people,
inspire people,
she listens, she cares,
she leads, she does not dictate.

I played a very small part.
I spoke to people,
around me,
I debated ideas,
I volunteered some time,
I used what influence,
I had to get people,
to listen,
to read,
to vote,
to inform themselves,
and, to believe in the...

I have to say,
Sunday night, when she won,
was one of those,
I remember where I was when moments,
not a sad one or a hard one,
a moment filled with hope,
and a moment where you know,
the work has just begun.

So, as far as,
Novembers go,
this one has been pretty darn,
memorable and enriching,
in all ways

Be well you all.

Later girls,

Yup, it’s resolution time

Hello all,
I hope your holidays,
whichever you celebrate,
have been,

Mine were nice,

On Christmas Eve,
mom and I went to,
a Christmas service,
at a wonderful,
Anglican Church ,
in downtown Montreal,
an open modern church,
where all are welcome.
Indeed, we felt welcome.
It warmed our hearts.

I took this picture of my fave church a little more than a month prior to the Christmas eve service, it has long been my favorite downtown church(and we have many beautiful churches and cathedrals) it's the architecture, the  church yard, the location, all of it, a whole, that I cannot adequately explain. I had never been inside before Christmas Eve


this picture of the interior of St-Jax of Montreal(formerly St-James The Apostle Anglican Church) I took on Christmas Eve 2016

I am an agnostic,
pretty much,
always been.
in these last few months,
I have felt,

I am not miserable,
I am not suffering,
I do long,

I suppose most of us do.

I have found that,
I disappoint myself.
I am angry and hurt,
much too easily,
touchy, prickly,
more than before.
I expect people to be,
who and what,
they aren't.
I have been a pain in the ass,
especially to my mother,
my girl.

To be clear,
I have much to be grateful for,
family, friends,
good health,
a strong mind.
I need more,
stimulation and conversation,
thinking and pushing myself.

I need meaning,
I need to make a difference,
to people,
to my little corner,
of the world.

I think the church,
might be an avenue,
towards that,
civic involvement.

I became a member,
last year,
of a wonderful,
municipal party,
here in my beautiful ugly,
engaged people,
I have met,
in it's ranks.
we elected a vibrant, brilliant,
woman at it's head,
and when,
her victory was announced,
I vowed that I would,
work towards,
having her elected,
Montreal's first,
woman mayor.

So this year,
I will write more,
and work harder at,
I will read more,
and, deeper,
think, reflect.
I will share,
what I am passionate,
with you my 
be it,
faith, culture, politics,
I hope you will,
join me,
in a conversation,
about ideas...
all of it

May the hard year that,
has been,
end on a soft,
peaceful note,
and may we all waltz,
into 2017.

Be well,
all of you.
Stay healthy,

Later girls,