Library Visit and a walk down The Street

Library visit,


Been going,

to the library,

a lot lately,

When I’m,

bored and broke,

the library,

is a good option.

I still have,

Giovanni’s Room,


Gertrude Stein’s Selected Writings,

I am going to be reading,

the Baldwin this week.

I took out two more books,

a biography of,

Bruce Chatwin,

by Nicolas Shakespeare,

and a,

Ford Madox Ford tetralogy,

Parade’s End.

I have long held a fascination,

for Bruce Chatwin,

I think,

strangely enough,

it stems from my love,

for Moleskin notebooks.

Chatwin lived a dream life,

travelling all over the planet,

and writing about it.

The Chatwin stuff,

I’ve read I really liked.

I like the look of him,

the romance of him,

and his tragic end.

It’s a big book,

should take me a while,

to get through,

I’ll let you know.

Ford Madox Ford,

is a British writer from,

the teens and twenties,

he was a very influential editor,

and was a major influence,

on Hemingway and company,

the Lost Generation.

This tetralogy is often referred to,

as some of the best novels,

about the Great War,

First World War.

I know next to nothing,

about the War to End All Wars,

as a Canadian,

I really should,

so many of ours,

died in that war.

Instead of taking,

the subway,

straight home,

I walked up,

Ste-Catherine street.

I love Ste-Catherine street,

through the,

good times and the bad.

Hers and mine.

It’s my street.

To me,

the heart of the city.

I walked from,

St-Denis to Jeanne-Mance,

a lot of change going on,

in that part,

they are totally transforming,

the Main, St-Laurent,

making it into a gentrified,

place for the Jazz Fest and company.

I like the Jazz Fest,

and I like tourists,


when a city looses some of it’s,


in favour of ,

uniformity and slickness,

it looses history and character.

Cities aren’t,

only about postcard vistas,

they are also,

about people,



and tough, weary,


Pretending there are no,


and poor,

doesn’t solve the problem.

Urban renewal,

is important,

but, at what cost?

I’m a little bit sick of condos,

and concert halls,

I’d like some trees,

and social housing.

But, hey,

I’m no urban planner.


the Oscars,

I can’t say I really care,


I’d like to see,

our nominee,

Incendie by Denis Villeneuve,

win best foreign film,

fingers crossed:-)

Later girls,