Stream of consciousness leads to mini rant


it poured and poured,

today it is,


really beautiful,

blue sky,

crisp air,

Fall is in the air.


the kiddies are,

going back to school,

they look cute,

with their,

new clothes,


their new school bags,

back to school,

makes me nostalgic,

for a simpler time,


a happier time,


Probably not,

adults have,

selective amnesia,


just how hard,

other parts,

of our lives,


I’ve been reading,

a lot,

of romance lately,

some of it,

has been quite satisfying,

and well written,

I really liked,

Kim Baldwin’s Force Of Nature,

and look forward to reading,

more of her stuff.

I’ve also been,

reading the Janet Flanner journals,

turns out she was a dyke,

who knew:-)

I found a picture of her,

with my man Hem,

I thought,

I would share with you all.

Interesting face,

kind of a tough looking,


seems to like Hem.

Her journals are incredible,

so honest and insightful.

They are quite the contrast,

to the lesbian romances,

and anthologies,

I have been reading,

at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong,

I like romance,


I can’t stand cliché.

Of course,

cliché and stereotypes,

are by no means,

the exclusive,

terrain of lesbian romance,

and erotica anthologies,


I’m sick of the woman as fruit,

school of thought,

and on the other side,

I’d really like to know,

who these women,

who long to fellate dildos are,

I mean,

really, who are they?

A few weeks ago,

my friend FS at My Words,

asked could we please get,

a believable movie love story.

I agree I’d like that as well,

and maybe,

a book or two,

about women,

who are real,



with problems,



who love women,

not because of childhood trauma,

just because,

they are attracted to them,

always have been,

always will be,

Oh I don’t know maybe,

I’m just cranky,


I’ll go for a walk.

Herein endeth the rant.

Later girls,




Library visit, rambling and a blog you should read.

It’s not raining,


if ,

the level,

of dampness,

in the air,

is any,


it should start,

pretty soon,


Just so,

you don’t think,

I’m the only one,

who talks,



and weather,

and to add,

a little bit,

of credence,

I feel a bad moon a risin’ I feel trouble in the air I know we’re in for nasty weather don’t come around tonight it’s bound to take your life there’s a bad moon on the risin’- Credence Clearwater Revival <wink, nudge, wink>

to my theory,

of Canadians,


obsessed with,

the weather,

you should read this,,

of course,

it’s not only,

about the,


It’s a lovely piece,


a funny,



who makes me,


and makes me,


Do yourself a favour,

check it out:-)

This morning,

I had cabin fever,

so I headed for,

the library,

usually busy,

on a rainy Sunday,


today was,

freebie day,

for the,

Montreal Museums,

so the hoards,

who usually,


the library,

were invading,

the museums:-)

I was right,

quiet at the library,

the metro?

woo hoo,

that was,

another story,

hot and humid,


times like these, I think maybe the suburbs wouldn’t be so bad, usually lasts half a second:-)

I survived,

the trip,

and met up,

with my friend,

the tycoon,

we meet there,

once in a while,

and usually grab lunch.

I took out,

Annie Dillard’s book,

The Writing Life,

it came highly,


and I got myself,

Ivan Coyote’s novel,

Bow Grip,

I really liked,

Close to Spiderman,

I like her perspective,

and wanted to,

read more.

I also have,

Drag King Dreams,

by Leslie Feinberg,

I’ve read,

only twenty pages,

or so,

I had a long hard week,

full of commitments,

so it didn’t leave,

much time for reading.

Next week,

is the dreaded sidewalk sale,

I hate it,

kind of like,

visiting the dentist,


the gynecologist,

the same day:-)

This year,

I’m thinking positive,

I need a good week,

maybe drugs,

would help:-)

One thing is for sure,

coming home,

to a good book,

will help.

Later girls,


Must read, housekeeping and pictures I really like

First off,

you have to read this post,

 on, My Words! it is brilliant,

Also Amy and Cass,

did a joint review of  The Price Of Salt,

check it out here,

or here,

or both,

they are slightly different,

Also I wondered if one of you wizzes, could help me, with a slight problem. How the hell do you put, a button on your blog? And how do I leave a comment on blogger, it never works. It pains me to show such ignorance but, it must be done. Help!

So, the rest of this post is just pictures,

of some of my favourites,

and things, people, I find beautiful,

and since beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Bruce Chatwin by Robert Mapplethorpe. I love Chatwin, his books, his life and of course, his boots.

My favourite writer, John Irving. Drinking my favourite beverage, coffee, in Amsterdam. If he’d be wearing plaid it would be perfect:-)

My favourite bisexual, Colette, with her butch, Missy.

Shakespeare and company in Paris. Enough said.

The truly bookish are never deterred. London during the Blitz.

I knew you were waiting for them. Yeah, baby Blundstones.

Tamara De Lempicka, knew the female form.

Forbes plaid, my favourite.

The most beautiful structure on earth, Brooklyn Bridge.

Babe Ruth, now that’s a gut!!

Emma Thompson. Esquire magazine once had a caption that read: The woman we would most like to read Ulysses in bed with. I can see that.

Well, that’s it for now,

I’m tired I’ve got to turn in.

Later girls,