Library visit

I’m melting,

I’m melting,

it’s hot,

very hot,


weirdly enough,

I’m getting used to,



I’m still melting:-)

Had a whole,

bunch of boring,

little things,

to do,


nothing worth,


I went to the library,

brought back,

the Ivans,

and got some,

new stuff,

A Carol Anshaw,

I read her,


last year,

really enjoyed it,


someone suggested,

I check out more,

of her stuff,

and the library,

happened to have,

Lucky In The Corner,


into the book bag,

it went.

One of my favourite,

books read this year,


Bird By Bird,

by Anne Lamott,

so I got her,

Grace(Eventually) Thoughts On Faith,

it’s a book of essays,

I like her style,

I like her humour,

I’m looking forward,

to reading it.


I was poking around,

the memoir section,

I came accross,

Literary Life,

by Larry McMurtry,

I loved,

the first part,

of his memoirs,

Books: A Memoir,

this is the second part,

should be a good read,

not too long,

I read part of it,

at the library,

he’s a pro,

this guy,

it flows.

From the back cover:

What I hoped to be, all my mature life, is a man of letters. Somerset Maugham, not much  valued today, was a man of letters, and his valedictory statement is to be found in a lovely book called  The Summing Up, which in my youth, I read many times.

McMurtry and I,

destined to get along,

we both love,



I know it’s not much,

of a post,


did I mention,

I’m melting.


Later girls,


Good things do come out of Texas.

I love the fall, but, sometimes I think I’m the only one,

me and French tourists.

Very quiet at the bookstore this week.

Last night the Habs lost in overtime.

Yuck, what a bummer.

On the positive side,


 I met someone who I have been corresponding with for a while,

the delightful editor of,  Alexandra.

She was in town with her partner,

who is  just as nice.

We met for coffee and,


 it was as if we had known each other for years,

yakking away.

The magic of blogging and the Internet,

meeting of like minded people.

I’m almost finished Cadillac Jack and honestly, I love it.

I’m going to read more McMurtry, something about his style,

and colourful characters, speaks to me.

He makes me laugh and I learn things,

almost without realising it.

It has this good ole boy quality to it.

Cadillac Jack, is about an antique scout who travels all over the U.S,

in his Pearl coloured, peach interiored, Cadillac.

While telling us this story of Jack,

 and the antique people he encounters,

McMurtry, is commenting on the culture of acquisition and,

 the pillaging of National treasures by richer, more dominant States.

It’s not a new subject but, it bears revisiting.

Especially in this quirky and light way.

Everything should not be for sale,

to the highest bidder.

He also has a real sense of people and how they speak,

 an observer and chronicler.

His observations on political types and bureaucrats as well as the very rich,


Funny without meanness.

I find him just as interesting,

 as some of his eastern contemporaries,

Updike et all.

A whole lot less self-absorbed,

 and funnier than Roth,

 for instance.

Good things do come out of Texas.

I have read two of his books,

 so far,

and I intend to read more,

a keeper.

Later girls