Way past fine

Well last night,

we went to see the Indigos,


let me tell you girls,

it was way past fine,

lame attempt at a play on words, you know their biggest hit, Closer To Fine:-)

Lovely evening,

in every way,

shape and form.

The ex and I had planned,

to eat at The Burgundy Lion,

which is an upscale British style pub,

not far from the venue,


it was really full,


since neither of us,

likes to be late,

for anything,

contrary to the Montreal tradition of always being late, but, hey, we are not traditionalists, what can I say.

So, we had a nice soft taco dinner,

chicken for me,

shrimp for her,

at a Mexican restaurant,

served in plenty of time,

to eat and be on our way,

the Corona(venue)

being only two doors down.

The opening act,

The Shadowboxers,

from Atlanta, Georgia,

started right at 8,

they are very good,

nice harmonies,

fit well with,

The Indigo Girls,

complimentary styles,

the played most of the numbers,

with the Girls,

on their set,

added voices and guitars,

made for a sweet sound,

especially on the danceable,

Shame On You,

Closer to Fine,


the encore number,

Dylan’s Tangled Up In Blue,

they rock and bluesd that one:-)

Nice looking ‘boys’,

super cute in fact,

the ex said,

‘you know these boys aren’t getting nearly as much action as they should, on this tour’


bunch of ole dykes,

isn’t the best groupie set,

for cute young guys.

I tried to take some pictures,


being technologically challenged,

I couldn’t manage to take them,

without the flash!

Here is one I managed,


the very polite,

security guy,

told me I could take pictures,


no flash.

I’m proud of it,

the set list,


As you can probably make out,

they did lots of old favourites,

Least Complicated,

Shame On You,


Closer To Fine,

they also did some extras,


how cool is that???

Power Of Two,



one of their most beautiful lyrical songs,

Moment Of Forgiveness.


I always assumed that,

I preferred Emily songs,

Southland In The Springtime and such,


both Shame On You(all time fave)


Moment Of Forgiveness(the kind of song you wish you could write)

are both,

Amy songs.

Amy tends to be more political,

more electric guitar,


more lyrical and accoustic.

It impressed me that they did,


they hadn’t practiced them,



they did at least,

three songs that weren’t,

on their set list,

At one point someone asked,


I’m not sure what,


Amy said ‘probably not gonna happen, sorry’


they both said,

in a very good natured way,

you’re asking a lot from two old ladies,


then Amy added, very low,

two old dykes,

the crowd loved that:-)

Fact is the Indigo Girls,

while not exactly old ladies,

have been doing this,

for twenty eight years,

they don’t look,

like they used to,

who does???

They don’t sound like they used to,



to me,

the ex,


the couple of hundred fans,

who were there,

last night,

they look,



they still sound,

way past fine,

lovely, smart songs,

melodic and dance worthy tunes,

the Indigos,

still got it.

What a truly wonderful,

Christmas present that was,

thank you,

my friend:-)

Later girls,



Of Hockey, The Girls and the McCarthy Enigma

Blue skies:-)

<happy sigh>

I don’t recall,

such an amazing,

Thanksgiving weekend.

The weather has been,


I’ve had a nice,




Last night,

had dinner,

at the ex’s,


as I now,

refer to her,


We watched some,

of the hockey game,

she has this new amazing, fibre optic cable, wow, really clear and crisp.

The Habs,




the Winnipeg Jets,

reborn and with a new logo.

Good luck,

to the Jets.

I like the underdog,


usually root,

for them,

except when they play,

My Habs:-)

New jersey,

pretty darn nice,

military inspired.

Not one of those,

embarassing jerseys.

The ex,

also made a copy,

of the new,

Indigo Girls,

for me,

as usual it’s excellent.

I’ve been listening to it,

this morning,

and she’s right,

as they get older,

it is harder to tell,

which are Amy songs,

and which are Emily songs.

Amy has mellowed,

that’s a good thing.

Love, tenderness, politics,

beautiful harmony,

and tight musicianship,

always a pleasure,

to spend time,

with the girls.

I’ve been reading,

a Somerset Maugham,

The Razor’s Edge,

never read it,

I like,

a real pro,

never disapointing.

I’m also slowly working my,



Les Liaisons Dangereuses,



requires more,



I’ve had,



at the library,

they didn’t have the,

Norman McLaren,

I wanted,

so I reserved it,

and got,

Cormac McCarthy’s,

Blood Meridian.

I tried to read,

The Road,

last year,

didn’t work out,

so I’m hoping,

Blood Meridian,

which is considered,

his masterpiece,

will help me get,

the McCarthy enigma.

But, since,

he is often compared,

to Roth and Pynchon,

I’m a little worried!!!


I’m gonna give it,

the Ole College Try:-)


have an amazing day,

Later girls,


A sociological question, for purely unscientific reasons.

I try not to care I would lose my mind
Running ’round the same thing time after time
Only two things bound to soothe my soul
Cold beer and remote control – Cold Beer And Remote Control-Indigo Girls

Yes, I love The Indigo Girls,

what do you expect?

I’m a butch,

in her forties,

no brainer:-)

My one point of originality is that neither,

Closer to Fine,



are my favourites.

My favourites are Shame On You,


Cold Beer and Remote Control.

Shame On You, because it’s a danceable tune,

and it has this line

the beautiful ladies walk on by,

You know I never know what to say

Butch, tongue tied ness,

 in a nut shell:-)

As for danceability,

only in my mind,


only in my mind.

Cold Beer and Remote Control,

appeals to my sense of,

working class.

Although, strictly speaking,

I’m not working class,

I am.

I’m a working stiff,

through and through,

I wear the clothes,

I listen to the tunes,

I wear that label.

I know that in a postmodern world,

labels are a no no,

but hey,

I don’t care,

I’m a rebel!!

Not really,


I am comfortable with my labels,

and I’m comfortable with people who don’t  wear them.

Mine, I know,

Butch with a capital B.

It seems there may still be a few femmes out there,

who appreciate butch.

Bless them!!

I asked a friend of mine,

a busy writer type,

what she saw as butch,

and what she liked about it.

She hasn’t gotten back to me about it,

I don’t think she’s avoiding,

she’s damn busy.

So, I thought I would ask you girls,

tell me what you like about butch,

it’s a sort of  a sociological study,

for strictly selfish purposes,

I’m counting on you.

Also, this same friend doesn’t like the term,


can anyone suggest an alternative?

What’s wrong with femme?

It’s just woman in French,

I like femme,

I like French,

I like to…

Oh no,

 I won’t go there:-)



really doesn’t do it for me,


that’s me.

Not, much reading lately,

that’s why you have been subjected to my,

 États D’ames.

I’m working on it,

I just have trouble concentrating,


Later girls,