Finders Keepers

I just finished reading  Finders Keepers,

 a Karin Kallmaker that I have never read.

 It was published in 2006.

 I guess I’m a few behind.

Anybody, who has read this blog knows that I adore Kallmaker.

 A few of her novels are on my top lesbian romance list.

My all time favorite romance is Wild Things one of her earlier offerings.

I liked Finders Keepers, sort of.

The two main characters are likable and intelligent.

The novel deals with issues in an original fashion.

Lynda  is a beautiful woman, drop dead gorgeous and, that is the last thing she wants to hear.

Her mother, uber bitch to end all bitches,

 made her that way,

 and I don’t mean genetically.

Marissa is a big girl, with a big brain and issues with her mother as well her body.

I liked both women , I felt for them, real empathy.

I didn’t believe their love story.

I felt the shipwreck meeting was contrived.

A little too  Deus Ex Machina  for me.

Let me tell you in all the years I have been reading Kallmaker,

 it is the first time I didn’t buy the love story or the lead up to the sex.

I’m disappointed I was looking forward to a sexy, romantic read.

God knows, I could use one.

This book has merit, and deals with important issues in an intelligent and thoughtful way.

It wasn’t what I was looking for.

This book was a Lambda finalist, so obviously I’m in a minority in my opinion.

All of my favorite writers have at least one book that I appreciate less.

Even, Somerset Maugham wrote The Magician that I hated,

 and John Irving had the truly weird and boring Son of the Circus.

I will read another Kallmaker soon, Sugar,

 sounds like something I would enjoy.

I’m taking a break from romance for a while, maybe I’m jaded.

Later girls


Finding comfort in old “Friends”

I’m trying not to feel down but, I’m not really succeeding.

Yesterday, I went to the Grande Bibliotheque.

I visit every 3 weeks or so.

I got a Henning Mankel for my mom, she loves his stuff,


 not so much.

I went with my friend Sylvain he explored and so did I.

I’ve already mentionned how I love to randomly peruse the stacks,

well, quasi randomly,

 I would never peruse in economics or  something like that.

I came across a whole bunch of Muriel Spark’s  that I have never read,

it wasn’t that difficult I have only read two or three.

The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie, left such an impression on me as a teenager.

The movie starring the wonderful Maggie Smith might have left an even bigger impression.

I love books about boarding schools or just private British schools,

 it is one of those inexplicable things,

 like my love for books about Himalayan exploration,

 go figure.

Anyway, Miss Jean Brodie, Goodbye Mr Chips and To Serve Them All My days

I would re-read in a heartbeat.

Funny, how things impress you at a young age.

Twenty years ago or so, I watched The Prime Of  Miss Jean Brodie, with my ex.

She had never seen it and I wanted to share it with her.

 Now, my ex is nothing like me,

 very logical, very Cartesian.

I think, by now you guys know, that I am a hopeless romantic.

So, she says to me, ” how can you admire that character, she’s  a bloody fascist.”

I was deeply offended but, on second look she was  right, she usually is.

Miss Brodie is blinded by beauty and ideal she doesn’t see the ugly,

 in her or in others.

If you haven’t read it you should, it is slim and a quick read.

Most, of Spark’s books are slim and yet, they are dense and full of the darkest irony.

I’m not sure I always get her irony but, I enjoy trying.

The novel I picked up yesterday is called,  The Girls Of Slender Means.

I have seen it on a list of  must read books. I’ll let you know.

Another book I brought home is, The Christmas Holiday  by Somerset Maugham.

Somerset Maugham is one of my favorite writers.

 I’m shocked to notice that I have never mentioned this fact.

I have read many of his books–  novels and memoirs as well as numerous short stories.

I think he is a master.

The book I picked up yesterday, is called Christmas Holiday  and I had never heard of it.

I love his style,

 precise, never flowery and yet not stark like Hemingway.

I also love the fact that he never rewrites the same book twice.

Don’t get me wrong I like coming back to a familiar world  ( Harry Potter)

or to an author who uses recurrent symbolism  ( John Irving-bears, Vienna and wrestling).

Maugham is an old pro, was he died in 1965,

who I am always willing to follow on a journey through the human psyche.

Although, I have read about twenty of his books , only one I didn’t enjoy, The Magician.

I have no interest in the paranormal, OK, little interest.

Should be finished Finders Keepers, the Karin Kallmaker, today.

I’ll have quite a bit to say about it.

Later girls

take care

and don’t get heat stroke