The deep freeze and Holy The Firm

We have been in a deep freeze,

here in Montreal,


all over the province,

deep, polar air,

positively Siberian.

As I was walking home,

from work,

last night,

early evening,

wearing my down jacket,


that included,

long johns,

flannel and lambswool,

thermal socks,

the warmest tuque I have,

I thought to myself,


if you weren’t dressed so well,

if you didn’t have enough to eat,

or a warm and comfortable apartment,

to shelter you from the cold.


I think the upcoming months,

of loss,

of transformation,

will be a test of what I am,

made of,

must reach down,


into the strong part,

listen to the steady beat,

of the butch core.


being a particularly cold day,

it goes without saying,

the bookstore was deserted.

I got some time to read,

I read Annie Dillard’s,

Holy The Firm.

Annie Dillard,

is unquestionably,

a great writer,

a master of the distilled,


an observer of nature,

of creatures,

human and other.

She is also a deeply religious, spiritual person.

I didn’t like this book,

I read it,

finished it,

very short.

It is not a novel,

it is a memoir of her time ,

on Puget Sound,


a plane crash,

that leaves everyone safe,

except for a little girl,

who is badly burned.

Ms. Dillard,

remembers observing this little girl,

at a day long cider making,

communal happening.

It is admirable in many ways,

this book,

it’s sparseness,

it’s deepness,

it’s faith,

while questioning.

I can see that some people,

would love it,

find comfort and solace and poetry,

in it’s pages.

Not my thing,

too lyrical,

too religious,


not for me.

I’ve read books,

that ‘talk’ of faith and religion,

that I loved,

all of Anne Lammott’s musings and meanderings,

through faith and being saved,


I laughed and shook my head,

with approval and understanding.

But, Annie Dillard,

was more Broccoli,

for me.

I’m glad I read it,


I’m sure it has imparted some,

knowledge and experience to me,


I didn’t like it.

Maybe I read the wrong one,

I’ll try another,

some time,


any suggestions?

Have a great day girls,

keep warm.

Later girls,


Library visit, rambling and a blog you should read.

It’s not raining,


if ,

the level,

of dampness,

in the air,

is any,


it should start,

pretty soon,


Just so,

you don’t think,

I’m the only one,

who talks,



and weather,

and to add,

a little bit,

of credence,

I feel a bad moon a risin’ I feel trouble in the air I know we’re in for nasty weather don’t come around tonight it’s bound to take your life there’s a bad moon on the risin’- Credence Clearwater Revival <wink, nudge, wink>

to my theory,

of Canadians,


obsessed with,

the weather,

you should read this,,

of course,

it’s not only,

about the,


It’s a lovely piece,


a funny,



who makes me,


and makes me,


Do yourself a favour,

check it out:-)

This morning,

I had cabin fever,

so I headed for,

the library,

usually busy,

on a rainy Sunday,


today was,

freebie day,

for the,

Montreal Museums,

so the hoards,

who usually,


the library,

were invading,

the museums:-)

I was right,

quiet at the library,

the metro?

woo hoo,

that was,

another story,

hot and humid,


times like these, I think maybe the suburbs wouldn’t be so bad, usually lasts half a second:-)

I survived,

the trip,

and met up,

with my friend,

the tycoon,

we meet there,

once in a while,

and usually grab lunch.

I took out,

Annie Dillard’s book,

The Writing Life,

it came highly,


and I got myself,

Ivan Coyote’s novel,

Bow Grip,

I really liked,

Close to Spiderman,

I like her perspective,

and wanted to,

read more.

I also have,

Drag King Dreams,

by Leslie Feinberg,

I’ve read,

only twenty pages,

or so,

I had a long hard week,

full of commitments,

so it didn’t leave,

much time for reading.

Next week,

is the dreaded sidewalk sale,

I hate it,

kind of like,

visiting the dentist,


the gynecologist,

the same day:-)

This year,

I’m thinking positive,

I need a good week,

maybe drugs,

would help:-)

One thing is for sure,

coming home,

to a good book,

will help.

Later girls,